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You want answers, look in my file.
Hopkins to Elle

Olivia Hopkins was a CIA agent who appeared in the Season One episode of Criminal Minds, "Secrets and Lies" as one of the BAU's suspects for a mole in the Agency.


Hopkins was assigned to field operations in Europe for nine years. During one of these operations, she was taken hostage and sexually assaulted by her captors. She received counseling after her release, but her marriage fell apart and she lost custody over her two children. Redeployed to the CIA headquarters, she started a relationship with her immediate superior, the Assistant Director of Operations Kruger Spence, even though Kruger was already married. The two visited Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh, for an unspecified field mission together. They were also together in her home when fellow CIA agent John Summers was murdered.

Secrets and Lies

Immediately after entering the CIA headquarters, the BAU is introduced to Hopkins by Deputy Director of Operations Bruno Hawks, along with Kruger and the Associate Director of Operations, Gina Sanchez. The four become the BAU's main suspects of being the mole working for Saudi terrorist Hassan Nadir because Summers had four suspects himself, and they all have field experience in Saudi Arabia unlike the rest of Hawks' unit. The BAU assigns Elle to interview Hopkins. Elle first tries to find common ground with Hopkins by mentioning that they are rare examples of women working in predominantly male organizations, but she is uncooperative. After discussing her family life and the incident in Europe, Elle asks her if she was attacked and raped by her captors. Kruger intervenes at that moment, arguing that her civil rights are being violated, but Hawks informs him that their rights are revoked until the mole is identified.

As Elle presses Hopkins to reveal her whereabouts during the night of Summers's murder, Kruger intervenes again and says that they were together in her home. Gideon reminds Kruger that he is married and asks when he returned to his wife. After a moment of hesitation, Kruger says that his wife will confirm that he came home at 1:30 a.m. and that they are only guilty of having an affair. In response, Hawks tells Kruger that he will subject them to a disciplinary measure. Kruger follows Hopkins and tries to talk to her, but she stops him. Afterwards, she goes to an office, where she tries to check Hawks' financial records, starting with the time he was in Riyadh in 2003. However, Hawks, the actual mole, follows her. He disables the room's monitors and CCTV with a virus previously downloaded in Kruger's personal computer, in order to frame him. Then, he attacks Hopkins from behind and snaps her neck the same way Summers was killed. Her body is left in the room, where it is discovered soon after by Elle and Gideon.