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Obsessive-compulsive disorder, often abbreviated to OCD is a mental disorder characterized by obsessive compulsions.


OCD is marked by its victim's obsessive and often repetitive behaviors. These obsessions are persistent and repetitive, and the victim feels they must perform these actions despite their efforts to resist or confront them. Most perceive the lack of these obsessive-compulsions as an 'imbalance' and that life cannot proceed as normal with this 'imbalance' in place. What exactly causes OCD is unknown, but some believe it is due to genetic or environmental factors.

On Criminal Minds[]



  • Season One
    • Clara Hayes ("Compulsion") - A serial arsonist and budding serial killer whose obsessive-compulsions all revolved around fires, religion, and an obsession with the number 3 (incorporating it into her crimes).
    • Karl Arnold ("The Fox" and "Outfoxed") - A prolific and pedophilic serial killer and family annihilator whose controlling behavior towards his wife bordered on being obsessive-compulsive. Arnold also appears in Season Five.
    • Marvin Doyle ("A Real Rain") - A vigilante, and serial-turned-spree killer who suffered from OCD and Schizophrenia.
  • Season Two
    • Charles Holcombe ("Legacy") - A "house cleaner"-type serial killer who was profiled by the BAU as having fastidious behavior that tended towards OCD.
  • Season Four
    • Henry Grace ("Masterpiece") - A serial killer, stalker, abductor, and one-time mass abductor whose fixation with the Fibonacci sequence bordered on being obsessive-compulsive.
    • Vincent Rowlings ("The Big Wheel") - A prolific serial killer who developed OCD later in his adult life. It may or may not have been caused by his father murdering his mother when he was nine. It's also interesting to note that Alex O'Loughlin (the actor who portrayed Rowlings) had OCD as a child.
  • Season Five
    • Robert Matthew Burke ("...A Thousand Words") - An ephebophilic serial rapist, and later serial killer and abductor who was profiled as being organized and compulsive, and also that his crimes happened on an annual cycle (indicating OCD).
  • Season Six
    • James Thomas ("Compromising Positions") - A serial-turned-spree killer and one-time mass murderer who the BAU profiled as having OCD-like characteristics. They later mentioned the Thomas was "decompromising" since one of his obsessive murder rituals failed.
  • Season Eight
    • Chad Mills ("The Fallen") - A "house cleaner"-type serial killer, and later poisoner and abductor who developed OCD due to his Mysophobia (fear of contamination and germs). Both these conditions were worsened when he contracted tuberculosis from rescuing homeless people from a burning building and his subsequent discharge from the fire department (which in turn triggered a deep hatred of the homeless and his subsequent serial killings).
    • Phillip Connor ("#6") - An abductor, hacker, stalker, and proxy killer-turned-budding serial killer who the BAU profiled as having OCD because he abducts females to validate his disorder.
  • Season Nine
    • Daria Samsen ("The Edge of Winter") - The submissive accomplice of serial killer Joe Bachner, Samsen would torture Bachner's victims (under his orders) by stabbing them 28 times, with the wounds always being positioned seven groups of four due to her OCD (which may or may not have developed due to Bachner's horrific torture and abuse).
  • Season Eleven
    • Michael Clark Thompson ("Hostage") - A serial rapist, abductor, and indirect killer who developed OCD in his later life (possibly due to the actions of his sex offender father).
    • Eric Rawdon ("The Storm") - An anarchistic homegrown terrorist and cop killer who was profiled by Hotch as having compulsive behavior and establishing set patterns (which he said Rawdon was "too compulsive" to deviate from, all heavily indicating OCD).
  • Season Twelve
    • Trey Gordon ("In the Dark") - A long distance serial killer, and serial-turned-spree killer who took medication for OCD and several other problems, all of which (combined with a traumatic childhood) caused him begin sleepwalking and subsequently kill people while unconscious.
  • Season Thirteen
    • Desi Gutierrez ("Dust and Bones") - A "wound collector"-type abductor, and later attempted murder whose utter obsession with snakes and essentially destroying all traces of her abusive mother from her life was noted by the BAU as being compulsive (indicating OCD).
  • Season Fourteen
    • Jordan Halloran ("Ashley") - A serial killer, abductor, stalker, and later spree killer who was profiled as being highly meticulous, bordering on obsessive-compulsive.


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