"Nighthawk" is the eighth episode of Season One of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.


After a spree killer in Oklahoma targets three Tulsa residents with the same physical description, Cooper and the Red Cell team are called to uncover their connection before the situation escalates.

Guest Cast

  • Tyrees Allen - Detective Dave Richardson
  • Brad Blaisdell - Michael Nolan
  • Horacio Galaviz - Jim
  • Bob Goen - Interviewer
  • Willow Hale - Elaine Keane
  • Chris Marrs - Howard
  • Michael Monks - Mazzara
  • Jennifer Parsons - Valerie Harrison
  • Jason James Richter - Matthew Keane
  • Pamela Roylance - Miriam Trilling
  • William Sanderson - Leonard Keane
  • Brandon Sornberger - Patrick Birdwell
  • Dahlia Waingort - Ramirez
  • Alex Weed - Hank

Referenced Criminals

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