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Naz Deravian is an Iranian-born-American actress and writer best known for her role as The Angel in the fantasy film Djinn.


Hardly anything is known about Deravian's past, including her birthday, the names of her parents, where she went to school, and why she wanted to become an actress. What is known is that Deravian was born in Iran and grew up in both Italy and Canada. Deravian got her first major recurring role in 2000, when she was cast as Aneesa for 1 episode of the military courtroom drama series JAG. Deravian got her first major role in 2008, when she was cast as The Angel in the fantasy movie Djinn. Wendel also appeared in TV shows and movies such as NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Man Down, IM Nowruz, Day Break, Weeds, Sons & Daughters, The Unit, The Ambassador's Wife, Speaking of Baghdad, Mossadegh, Homeland, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

On Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders[]

Deravian portrayed Haiffa Said, the mother of murder victim Malik Said, in the Season One episode "Denial".


  • Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders - "Denial" (2016) TV episode - Haiffa Said
  • Man Down (2015) - Pashto Woman #2
  • Homeland (2013) - Nassrin
  • IM Nowruz (2012) - Laila
  • Mossadegh (2012) - Zahra Zia al-Saltaneh
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (2010) - Mrs. Anshiri
  • Speaking of Baghdad (2009) - Unknown Character
  • The Ambassador's Wife (2009) - Nazgol
  • NCIS (2009) - Mosuma Daoub
  • Djinn (2008) - The Angel
  • Brothers & Sisters (2007) - Doctor Colleen Singh
  • Day Break - 2 episodes (2006) - Kadira Zeitoun
  • Weeds (2006) - Mrs. Daran
  • The Unit (2006) - Shirin
  • Sons & Daughters (2006) - Administrative Person
  • JAG (2000) - Aneesa

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