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Nathan Eades is a drifter and as a suspect for Arthur Rykov's killings. He appears in the Season Eight episode of Criminal Minds, "Through the Looking Glass".


Little is known about Eades' early life, other than he suffered from schizophrenia and an unstable mind at some point and was suspected of robbing and killing a couple in Omaha, Nebraska in 2003. He soon became a drifter and began wandering around Nebraska before entering Kansas.

Through the Looking Glass[]

Eades first appears in the episode after he discovered the bodies of three members of the Yamada family, Rykov's first set of victims. He approaches two construction workers and points them to the scene of the crime. When one of the construction workers returns to check on him, Eades has already fled. This instantly makes him a suspect in the Yamada family killings. When he is tracked down by local police, he is interrogated by Blake and Morgan. Along with Hotch, who is observing, they instantly become aware of his overly-unstable mind and conclude that Eades isn't the unsub, as the killer they are looking for is thoroughly organized. Eades is further exonerated after the body of Vanessa Hall, also killed by Rykov, is found alongside a highway. It is unknown as to what happened to Eades at this point, but it is likely he was institutionalized for his erratic mind.