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Peter Lewis killed my husband. And I choose to believe Stephen can rest knowing he helped this team catch him.
Monica in "Wheels Up"

Monica Walker is the widowed wife of SSA Stephen Walker and a recurring character on Criminal Minds.


Little is known about Monica's personal life, other than she was married to Stephen and they had two children, Maya and Eli. Because of his previous job at the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Program, she had to communicate with him via Skype most of the time because he was in another country while on a job. However, Stephen eventually returned home full-time when he was recruited by Emily Prentiss to be the eighth member of the BAU, in order to assist in the manhunt for Peter Lewis, a.k.a. "Mr. Scratch."

Season Twelve[]


Monica is first seen at her residence in the kitchen as Stephen returns home, hugs her and apologizes to her for being late while she is drinking wine. Then, Monica asks about Reid's case, to which Stephen replies that Peter is playing games and tells her about working with Peter's victims including Stephen's colleagues and friends. Monica asks if he wants to leave the BAU, to which Stephen replies no as he wants to catch Peter. Afterward, they have a kiss and Stephen asks about the children, to which Monica replies that Maya is spending the night at her friend's place and Eli is asleep.

Then, Stephen gets a call from the hospital about his friend Sam Bower being in the ER. Monica tells Stephen to go see him. The next day, Monica is seen in her car talking to Stephen after he received a minor exposure to radiation through contact with Sam. When Monica asks Stephen if he is okay, he says he is fine. Monica asks if she should contact Sam's ex-wife Lisa and his son Zach, but Stephen says not to do so yet and tells her that he will be home soon. After the conclusion of the case, Monica arrives at the hospital and comforts a tearful Stephen as Zach visits his dying father.

Season Thirteen[]

Wheels Up[]

Monica is informed of Stephen's death by the team. After meeting JJ and Alvez at the hospital, they take her to see his corpse. After saying a few words, including how the team would get Scratch, she slowly covers him back, collapsing into Alvez's arms, crying as he and JJ comfort her. After Peter is killed, she attends Stephen's funeral with the team and their two children; Monica tells Prentiss that he "could rest" knowing he helped the BAU catch Mr. Scratch. She leaves to be with her children after Prentiss offers help.


Monica was mentioned by Assistant Director Linda Barnes, who claims to have spoken to her about her last husband's death at the hands of Scratch; Barnes had even told Prentiss she should be lucky Monica didn't sue the Bureau for negligence.