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You? You need to show some respect.
Milos threatens Reid

Milos (surname unrevealed) is a convicted criminal who appears in the Season Twelve episode "Alpha Male".


Very little is known about Milos' early background, other than he was incarcerated at Millburn Correctional Facility for an unspecified crime(s). While in prison, he formed a small gang consisting of Hicks, Dwayne, and Little T. Though his lackeys expressed borderline white supremacist views, it is unknown if Milos himself adhered to the ideology.

Alpha Male[]

Milos is first seen in prison when the guard assigns the inmates to their beds. Milos is next seen being approached by Reid who tells him that those are his clothes, which Milos denies. However, when Reid says that he is sure those are his clothes, Milos thinks that he is calling him a liar. Then, Milos stands up, allowing Reid to take his clothes. However, Milos is about to assault Reid until Officer Lionel Wilkins stops it and tells Milos to get lost. The following night, the inmates bring Reid to Milos and he tells him that Reid is too good to be with them and tried to offer him friendship. Milos is about to kill Reid with a knife, but Calvin Shaw stops them from doing so. He tells Milos and the other inmates to back off and untie Reid, which they do.

Modus Operandi[]

It is never specified what kind of crime(s) Milos committed before he was imprisoned. He and his accomplices later attempted to shank Reid with a shiv for trying to take back his own belongings, which they had stolen.

Known Victims[]

  • An unspecified crime(s) that landed him in prison prior to Alpha Male
  • Spencer Reid (attempted)