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The Militant Islamic Society (sometimes acronymized MIS) is a terrorist group which appears in the Season Two episode "Lessons Learned".


MIS's history is not revealed in detail. It appears to originate from real-life terrorist groups like al-Qaeda. Reid describes it as an "atypical prison organization", most likely stationed in the U.S., that recruits prisoners through the use of A'immah[1] (Muslim clerics). The recruitment base is comprised of numerous ethnic groups and is largely made up of American citizens who have a reason to hate the government and are generally not accepted by other groups.

Lessons Learned[]

The group first becomes prominent when, during a raid, the DEA finds a sophisticated dispersal device of al-Qaeda design, along with chemicals that could be used to weaponize anthrax. The BAU are called in to question Jamal Abaza, a.k.a. Jind Allah, a detainee held at Guantanamo Bay, who is a recruiter for the group. Eventually, Gideon, Reid and then-new agent Prentiss are able to trick him into revealing the target of the attack: the USA Mall in McLean, Virginia. The four MIS operatives sent to carry out the mission first kill a security guard blocking their way, then head up to the building's air vents and prepares to release the anthrax. They are stopped by the DEA and SWAT agents, led by Morgan, and all four are shot dead. The events are then covered up as a failed robbery attempt. The MIS hasn't been mentioned since then.

Modus Operandi[]

The group killed their victims through various means. The weapons they are known to have used are explosives and firearms. During the USA Mall attack, they attempted to kill numerous employees and customers with weaponized anthrax by sending it through the building's ventilation system. Their initial plan was to use a sophisticated dispersal device to spread the anthrax, but that was abandoned when the DEA raid the house containing the device.


No profile of the group was officially made, since the team was focused on Jamal.

Known Members[]

Mutual Victims[]

  • 2006, Virginia:
    • November 21, Annandale: The house bombing:
    • November 22, McLean:
      • Five unnamed members (all executed, presumably to remove loose ends)
      • The attempted USA Mall attack:
        • Unnamed docking security guard (was shot in the head)
        • Numerous unnamed employees and shoppers (attempted to kill with weaponized anthrax)
        • Derek Morgan (attempted to shoot)



  1. A'immah is the plural form of Imam