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Mikael Salomon is a Swedish television director, producer, and cinematographer best known for his work on the shows The Andromeda Strain, The Company, To Appomattox, and Powers. Salomon worked as a director for one episode of the police procedural series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.


Although Salomon has been a cinematographer since 1963, Salomon's directing career began in 1993, when he directed an episode for the action adventure series Space Rangers. He then began directing episodes for TV shows such as Aftershock: Earthquake in New York, The Agency, The Grid, The Company, To Appomattox, and Powers, as well as movies like A Glimpse of Hell, Fallen: The Journey, and Freezer, before eventually being hired as a director for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. After the shows cancellation, Salomon continued to work as a director, having directed multiple episodes for the TV shows Valor, The Long Road Home, The Brave, and Six.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders[]

Salomon directed the Season Two episode "The Ripper of Riga".

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