Michael "Mike" Smith was an accomplice of rapists Adam Richmond and Trevor Burkett. He appeared in the Season Nine episode "What Happens in Mecklinburg".


Smith once attended Mecklinburg State University alongside Edward Calder, a friend of his who played in the college football team alongside him. In his later adult life, he continued to stick with the university, working as a coach for the football team. Among the players were Adam Richmond and Trevor Burkett. In secret, he purchased cars for his players as well as paying their DUI fines and attorney fees. When Richmond and Burkett raped a fraternity member of theirs, Lauryn-Anne Harrison, and later forced her to drink vodka, which caused her to fall into a coma, Smith, in an effort to protect himself and the football team due to the risk of his car purchases and fine payments being exposed, convinced Calder, who worked as an ER physician in the hospital that admitted Lauryn-Anne, to change the medical report so details of the rape would be excluded.

What Happens in Mecklinburg

On April 7, 2014, he was the first to be abducted by Lauryn-Anne's vengeful sister Sheila Harrison and later watches for the next two days as she tortures her other victims, including Burkett and Richmond. Finally, on the night after Lauryn-Anne's life support is removed, a grief-stricken Sheila approaches him, angrily accuses him of covering up her rape, and informs him that she meant to torture him as well, but with Lauryn-Anne's death, it is no longer necessary. She then stabs him through the neck with her blunt instrument, killing him.



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