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  • Do you know if it's airing in October?

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  • No inference to anyone who uploaded the photos, as we have dozens of uploaders...same format for all of my below posts; first episode photo is listed is best, second episode photo listed is worst by season IMO.

    Season 1 - Extreme Aggressor (best), What Fresh Hell (worst) - same format for all following seasons

    2 - No Way Out II, Revelations

    3 - Doubt, Children of the Dark

    4 - Omnivore, To Hell...

    5 - Exit Wounds, 100

    6 - The Longest  Night, Safe Haven

    7 - Dorado Falls, Proof

    8 - The Wheels on the Bus, Alchemy

    9 - The Inspired, In the Blood

    10 - Rock Creek Park, The Boys of Sudworth Place

    11 - The Witness, Tribute

    12 - Green Light, Collision Course

    13 - Miasma, Annihilator

    14 - 300, Starter Home

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  • The order of the series in season 13 was incorrect. I corrected, and you canceled.

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  • Here's my list. Strictly just in regards to the photos, not in inference as to who made which photo, etc.

    Proiler Profiled
    A Thousand Words
    The Longest Night
    Dorado Falls
    Pay it Forward
    The Inspired
    A Thousand Suns
    Green Light
    Wheels Up

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    • Haven't really given it much thought. Great list, though.

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  • Long time no see and no talkie! You still here?

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  • Hey, I've handled our little pest problem and reverted the vandal edits that hadn't been fixed already. I've also put a temporary protection on the pages they targeted. I extended the block to their IP address too so we shouldn't have any problems with this jagoff again. 

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  • Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm working on the Marcus Manning and Floyd Feylinn Ferell pages so don't edit them until I'm done, if you don't mind. And if you have a little spare time, there's something I'd like you to do.

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  • Hey, just something quick I wanted to bring up with you. Now this is entirely my fault, not you in any way. I should have said something earlier. I usually ask that people to hold off on editing the new pages because it can clash with my own edits. Not clash as in disagreement but clash as in if someone edits a page at the same time as me, I could end up losing whatever I've been working on. Happened a few weeks ago with the Billy Lynch page and I lost the entire Modus Operandi section I had done and I had to do it all over again so I'm usually cautious (and by that I mean paranoid af lol).

    But with the latest pages I just assumed everyone knew that's how it worked. That was my mistake. I should have told you myself. And when you edited Jake's profile it clashed with what I was doing. Now it wasn't as serious (it was a minor edit) but I just wanted you to know for future reference and that I might need to reverse the edit so I'm don't get confused about what needs to be added and what doesn't. I prefer working with a blank slate. I probably won't need to because it looks like you covered it all pretty well (nice job btw) but on the off chance I do, I don't want you feel like I'm plagiarising you because that is not my intent. I'm all about giving credit where credit is due.

    And this isn't a disipline, this is just a notification. You good with all that?

    Sincerely, Reese

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    • Sounds fair.

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    • I like to think so. I hope it is lol. But if anyone has an issue with it, all they have to do is say it to me and I can try a different method. This isn't a dictatorship.

      Anyway, I'm going to leave you alone about this now. Talk to you later!

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  • Hey sorry to spring on you like this but I have something I'd like you and JD to work on. Full details are on her wall. Check it out when you can please but if there's a problem or you're too busy, just let me know. Thanks Noah.

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