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  • I'd like permission to create a page on Alton Coleman. He is very similar to Mark Gregory - Both were narcissistic, hebephilic serial offenders-turned-spree killers who embarked on interstate killing sprees shortly before facing the consequences of their crimes (arrest in Gregory's case, trial in Coleman's case), were the subjects of frantic manhunts by state and federal authorities, were able to constantly avoid capture by gaining people's trust and changing appearance, killed a total of eight victims, and their M.O. involved abduction and beating. Also, both killed their very first victim and ended their sprees in the same state (Gregory in Tennessee, Coleman in Illinois).

    Coleman also has a lot in common with Raymond Donovan - Both were interstate spree killers and robbers who were active in the Midwest, were the subjects of manhunts by state and federal authorities, had a female accomplice who was also their girlfriend, moved through carjackings during the course of their respective sprees, and their M.O. involved beating with a crowbar.

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  • I fixed the episode order in season ten because the shoe fits is episode 6 not 5 but the pictures are gone now. I need your help fixing it

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  • Sorry for the long length but we have much to discuss.

    Since you've made a new account, i figured it would be best to just start a new thread rather than continue with the old one. Plus it was a little too crowded and you've probably forgotten it even exists.

    Anyway, here is my full report on User:SolVic1337:

    • Jens Theander - Overdue and a heavily speculated and irrelevant comparison
    • Ivan Milat - I actually made what i think is a decent effort to fix this one. But whether it stays or goes is up to you.
    • Daniel Gonzalez - I also made an effort to save this one. Again its fate is in your hands.

    SolVic was difficult to work with. He was very stubborn and hardly answered a lot of my questions. He is currently saying he doesn't care anymore and that he is leaving the wikia. I think he should be talked to. The thread is on his wall under "Unreferenced Criminals".

    I also filed two other reports earlier that went unanswered:


    • Tiger Force - Same thing, a comparison with no similarities.
    • Juba - Overdue and no comparison


    • Nikolas Cruz - Overdue and no comparisons. Also wasn't this article created and deleted before?

    Also i asked a few questions that were unanswered:

    • About UnsubZero's pages - i was thinking that instead of one list, i would simply report his pages as i find them in the category. How does that sound?
    • How about instead of just waiting for you to respond to one report, i simply do so as i go? I don't want to bury you in work (i know you're a busy guy who has better things to do). But at the same time i feel this project has been moving at a snail's pace (it started in March if you don't remember). What do you think?
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  • I was thinking about creating a page on Ronald Lloyd Bailey, as he is very similar to Donald Curtis, and might well have been a direct inspiration for him - Both were pedophilic, hebephilic abductors who kidnapped a child in broad daylight in a park, brought their respective victims to their homes, were seen by a witness during the abduction who was able to describe the vehicle they were driving, their crimes were investigated by the FBI, and they were eventually arrested following tips from the public. May I have permission?

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  • I AM SO SORRY!!!

    I DIDN'T KNOW!!!! HONEST!!!!

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  • Heads up, rookie. Welcome inside the Criminal Minds Wiki.

    I'm one of your administrators for the community and one of the top criminal profilers for the BAU team. Welcome to the FBI, and thank you for your edit to Developments in the Golden State Killer case.! As the new kid in the bureau, we recommend you get started by reading our personalized guides before you begin to profile our criminals:

    This community participates in an advisor program to guide newcomers through any basic questions they have and issues they encounter. Advisors are here to help you! To select an advisor or for more information, click this card.


    If you need specific help on the wiki, contact me or another admin here. But don't be afraid. We won't shoot. For general help, you could also stop a few towns over at Community Central, but we can't imagine why you would leave such a place like like this.

    We hope you read and analyze the criminals, share out your own profile, and continue to contribute your knowledge by editing, all while hopefully climbing the ranks. Otherwise, be kind, helpful, and careful, or you might face someone that might be your end....

    - The Behavioral Administrative Unit
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