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  • Heads up, rookie. Welcome inside the Criminal Minds Wiki.

    I'm one of your administrators for the community and one of the top criminal profilers for the BAU team. Welcome to the FBI, and thank you for your edit to Article Editing Access! As the new kid in the bureau, we recommend you get started by reading our personalized guides before you begin to profile our criminals:

    This community participates in an advisor program to guide newcomers through any basic questions they have and issues they encounter. Advisors are here to help you! To select an advisor or for more information, click this card.


    If you need specific help on the wiki, contact me or another admin here. But don't be afraid. We won't shoot. For general help, you could also stop a few towns over at Community Central, but we can't imagine why you would leave such a place like like this.

    We hope you read and analyze the criminals, share out your own profile, and continue to contribute your knowledge by editing, all while hopefully climbing the ranks. Otherwise, be kind, helpful, and careful, or you might face someone that might be your end....

    - The Behavioral Administrative Unit
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