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Mary Meadows is a former FBI Special Agent and member of the Believers who appears in Seasons Thirteen and Fourteen on Criminal Minds.


Not much is known about Mary's life, other than the fact that she was one of Benjamin Cyrus' wives. She met Reid and Prentiss during the hostage-taking at the Libert Ranch Church in Colorado.

When the church exploded and the sect was destroyed in 2008, she and one of the survivors, Benjamin David Merva (formerly known as David James Merva) decided to start a new cult called The Believers, whose prophecy was to kill 300 people and remove their hyoid bones to attract his god.


While the cult of Merva murdered people around the country, she infiltrated the FBI. Some day, when the 299 arrived, she would kill Reid (who was chosen as a believer in science and religion) to achieve the 300 sacrifices. After Benjamin David Merva was captured, she abducted Penelope Garcia, Theo Holston and Reid to free Merva; not without Reid leaving a message that the cult belonged to Cyrus' Separatarian Sect.


After shooting the only witness Owen Quinn, she escaped with her leader in an ambulance and rang a false fire alarm in the BAU building.

While they kept Reid and Garcia in a warehouse for Garcia to hack the posts so that the trucks full of weapons are not highlighted, she explains they are revenge against him because he killed her former leader.

But when Garcia escaped, she had to kill Theo, and they left with Reid before the DC police arrived. While they arrived at a new location for the sacrifice, she and Merva show the 299 hyoid bones of their victims and show he was the number 300. After Reid realized that the cult was affiliated with the Cyrus sect, he realized that he was sacrificing Reid in a place in La Plata County in Colorado. Just before Reid could be murdered, the rest of the BAU arrived, shooting Merva and arresting everyone else, including Meadows.

Modus Operandi

She usually would a gun to control or subdue her victims. It is possible she may have killed captives who were uncooperative during the sacrifices.

Known Victims