What I think... All this stuff now, that's Morpheus trying to stay relevant. As crazy as it sounds... It just might work.

Markus Ivey was an artist who was briefly a suspect in the murders committed by William Cochran. He appeared in The Night Watch.


Little is known about Markus' life, other than he grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and was a well-known artist. Six weeks prior to The Night Watch, an elusive yet notorious street artist named Morpheus showed up in Detroit, creating a makeshift memorial for a homeless woman and her child who died of dehydration while taking shelter in a car. Markus became worried, as he was territorial and felt that Detroit's own citizens were capable of taking care of the city. Four weeks after that, he received a tip about the location of another of Morpheus' art pieces. He traveled to the location, dismantled the work, and took credit for it.

The Night Watch

In the episode, someone assumes Morpheus' identity, kills a corrupt community activist named Russell Pearson, and abducts an infant girl named Corinne Wallace. Morgan identifies Markus as the artist who dismantled Morpheus' earlier work and takes him in for questioning. During the interrogation, Markus vehemently denies committing the crimes and explains his reasoning for being a rival of Morpheus'. When Morgan asks about how he found Morpheus' art piece, Markus deflects and merely replies that Morpheus has become predictable. Morgan then proceeds to question Morpheus' reason for abruptly committing murder and kidnapping, and believes he is being set up. Markus responds that Morpheus is becoming outdated and the crimes are his way of getting publicity again. He is later released and prepares to head for the opening of his art gallery, but is attacked by a man named William Cochran, who was the real killer and the one who tipped him off. Markus is strangled to death by William, who then uses his body as part of a Morpheus-themed art piece. The body is found by Rossi and Lewis.