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Mark E. Safarik was a Senior Profiler of the BAU.


Mark E. Safarik retired as one of the senior members of the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis Unit. He was a Supervisory Special Agent in the National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime at the FBI Academy. He has over 30 years in law enforcement, including 23 years with the FBI (from 1984 to 2007), the last 12 as a Senior Profiler. He is now a partner (with R. K. Ressler) in Forensics Behavioral Services International, a Virginia-based consulting company, and serves as an analyst with MSNBC for the television series Criminal Mindscape, which focuses on conducting interviews with serial killers.

He has a master's degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University. He is on the faculty of Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and is a Vidocq Society Member. He has conducted research in the sexual assault and homicide of elderly females and was awarded the Jefferson Medal from the University of Virginia for his groundbreaking work. He has been published in international journals and in professional textbooks.

Safarik specialized in the detailed analysis of violent criminals and their criminal behavior through crime and crime scene analysis. He has reviewed and consulted on thousands of national and international homicide cases and a wide range of violent crimes including sexual assaults, criminal paraphilic behavior, extortions, public corruption matters, product tampering, threat assessments, false allegations of sexual assaults, offender motivation and deterability, and equivocal deaths assessments. He has provided media strategies to agencies tasked with high profile investigations. As a result, he has provided expert witness testimony in many high profile and complex behavioral assessments including mass and serial homicides.

As a lecturer, he has provided training, both nationally and internationally, to well over 20,000 multi-disciplinary professionals.

As a media consultant, he has appeared as an expert on many documentary programs, including Dateline, CourtTV, Forensic Files, Cloo Network, and the Discovery Channel.