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I thought you would come yesterday, I killed him!
Andrade, about Ivan, to police officers

Marcelo Costa de Andrade, a.k.a. "The Vampire of Niterói", is a Brazilian "vampirist"-type pedophilic, hebephilic, necrophilic, and cannibalistic serial killer, serial rapist, and stalker.


Born to poor immigrants from the northeast region of Brazil, Andrade lived most of his childhood in Rio de Janeiro. He was constantly abused and beaten by his father, who was also violent towards his mother, a housekeeper. Andrade was eventually sent to live with his grandparents, who were also abusive and violent. Years later, he traveled back to Rio de Janeiro and began to live with his abusive stepparents. To make the situation worse, Andrade was raped and almost killed by an older man, who tried to strangle him. He was then sent to a boarding school, where he was bullied. At the age of fourteen, Andrade was kicked out of the boarding school, and he subsequently began to work as a prostitute. During that time, Andrade tried to commit suicide but failed. After escaping from the FUNABEM, a prison for juvenile delinquents, he met with another homosexual man and began to live with him, but continued his prostitution. He eventually left his partner and returned to live with his family, leaving prostitution to work as a pamphleteer. Andrade frequented church and was told by a preacher that children go to heaven when they die. As a result, this sparked an interest in killing children, as he believed that killing adults was wrong because he would be sending them to Hell. According to his mother, Andrade had a strange habit of listening to an audio recording of his younger brother crying.

Murders, Arrest, and Institutionalization[]

Andrade's first victim was an unnamed boy, who was strangled with his T-shirt and had his teeth and shorts removed, with the shorts being taken as a trophy. Andrade proceeded to kill many other children, including Odair dos Santos. Andrade met Santos at a bus stop and invited him to come to his house so his aunt could give him money. However, he took Santos to an abandoned football field, where he raped and strangled him to death. After killing him, he went to his house and convinced his mother to give him a machete. He then returned to the field and decapitated the body with it. His last known victims were Ivan and Altair de Medeiros. Andrade promised to give them money and the brothers followed Andrade to a beach, where he tried to kiss Ivan while he was asleep but Altair intervened. In response, Andrade smashed Altair's head against a rock and forced him to watch his brother being raped and strangled to death. In fright, Altair agreed to do whatever Andrade said.

Andrade fell in love with the boy because of his passive personality and green eyes. He took Altair to a gas station, where he cleaned the boy's wound, and they both spent the night at a forest behind the station, where Altair was repeatedly raped by Andrade. The next day, Andrade took Altair to his workplace, where the latter managed to escape. He returned to his home but did not tell anything to his mother, fearing she would beat him. The police eventually learned about Altair's encounter with Andrade and he took them to Andrade's workplace, where they found him sitting in a chair and eating a packed lunch. After being arrested, Andrade said that he waited for the police to come and arrest him, while claiming that the sex with Altair was consensual; because of the trauma he had suffered at hands of Andrade, Altair subsequently became very ill and died. In his house, police found the machete that Andrade used to dismember Santos' body; he eventually confessed to raping and murdering other children. At the time of his arrest, Andrade was compared to fellow serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. He was then diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder, schizophrenia, a low IQ, and psychopathic tendencies along with other severe mental illnesses. He was declared not guilty by reason of insanity and is currently being held at the Henrique Roxo Psychiatric Hospital.

Modus Operandi[]

"I did not notice if he was alive or dead when I ravished him. It could not satisfy me. I squeezed his throat once more to ensure that his soul went to heaven"

Before attacking, Andrade would stalk some his victims for an unknown amount of time because they reminded him of himself as a child. His victims were lower-class boys aged 6-13, because he stated that young boys were beautiful and had a soft skin. He would then lure the boys to non-populated areas, such as beaches, hills, or sewer tunnels. There, he would rape and strangle them, mostly with their own T-shirts. Alternatively, he would smash their heads with rocks to drink the blood coming out of it, thinking he would become beautiful like them. After killing them, he would take their clothing as trophies and sometimes engage in acts of cannibalism and necrophilia with the bodies. He would also return to the crime scenes and bring food with him in order to feed his victims' spirits. According to him, he once cut off the head of one of his victims' bodies, so he could be bullied in Heaven by other children.

Known Victims[]


Odair José Munis dos Santos

"The sadism went to my head. I ended up killing some of them... I do not remember their faces very well."

  • April-December 16, 1991: Killed 15 victims within a 7-8 month span. Known ones are:
    • Unspecified date: Unnamed boy (attempted to rape, then stifled with stones, then raped before being killed)
    • Anderson Gomez Goulart, 11 (raped, strangled, decapitated, drank his blood while raping his corpse, then broke his neck post-mortem)
    • Unspecified date: Unnamed boy (strangled with his own T-shirt and had his teeth removed post-mortem)
    • June: Odair José Munis dos Santos, 11 (raped, manually strangled, and decapitated and dismembered post-mortem with a machete)
    • December 16: Ivan and Altair Medeiros de Abreu
      • Ivan Medeiros de Abreu, 7 (raped and strangled with his own T-shirt)
      • Altair Medeiros de Abreu, 10 (non-fatally bludgeoned with a rock, abducted, and raped repeatedly; he escaped, but later died from his wounds)

On Criminal Minds[]

While Andrade was never directly mentioned or referenced on the show, he appears to have been an inspiration for the following unsubs:

  • Season One
    • Eddie Mays ("Blood Hungry") - Both are schizophrenic and cannibalistic serial killers with abusive parents (though Andrade was abused by other relatives as well), had stints in facilities from which they later escaped (Mays checked himself out of a mental hospital, while Andrade escaped juvenile detention) and returned to live with their families, developed paranoid religious delusions about boys regarding their innocence (Mays developed delusions specifically about his neighbor Wally Brisbane from his singing, while Andrade believed children go to heaven when they die from a preacher), killed their victims by bludgeoning before cannibalizing their remains (though both used other methods), stored their victims' blood in containers and took them home to drink later (though Mays also took organs to cannibalize), and abducted their last victim, a young boy, before he was rescued (though the boy Andrade abducted died from wounds Andrade afflicted on him, and Mays was briefly assisted by his mother).
  • Season Seven
    • Travis James ("There's No Place Like Home") - Both were mentally-ill serial killers who had a brother, were sexually assaulted when they were minors, made money through prostitution before their killings, targeted young boys who reminded them of a minor in some way (James's victims reminded him of his older brother, while Andrade's reminded him of himself as a child), killed their victims by bludgeoning them (though Andrade also killed some victims by strangling them), mutilated and dismembered their bodies post-mortem, and their last victim had a brother who witnessed the crime (James abducted a boy he later attempted to kill and left his younger brother behind as a witness; Andrade murdered an older boy and then repeatedly raped his older brother who later escaped, but died of his injuries afterwards).