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You a fed? That's gonna get you killed.
Malcolm's final words to Reid in "Green Light"

Malcolm (surname unrevealed) is a convicted criminal and a recurring character who appears in Season Twelve of Criminal Minds.


Very little is known about Malcolm's early background, other than he was convicted for an unspecified crime and seemed to have been a former informant for FBI agent Calvin Shaw before their respective imprisonments at Millburn Correctional Facility. In prison, Shaw continued to aid him, and Malcolm felt indebted to him.

Season Twelve[]

Hell's Kitchen[]

Malcolm is first seen entering the laundry room with Officer Lionel Wilkins and meets Reid, who he was assigned, by Shaw, to accompany following the murder of Reid's friend Luis Delgado. Then, Wilkins brings in the laundry with a stash of drugs hidden inside. Malcolm tells Reid that Frazier told him that they are both guards for his drugs. Malcolm tells Reid that he heard the guards are doubling up after the lockdown, adding that he and Reid will take the drugs out on the late shift. At the end of the episode, Reid enters the laundry room and finds Malcolm lying on the floor, bleeding from the nose and coughing due to being poisoned from the drugs. He tells Reid that Frazier and his accomplice Duerson made him try it. Unbeknownst to Malcolm, Reid had spiked the drugs with poison earlier in an attempt to kill Frazier and Duerson.

True North[]

Malcolm briefly reappears in the episode. Reid sees him in bed in the prison infirmary along with several other inmates who were poisoned.

Green Light[]

After fully recovering from the poison, Malcolm sits down with Reid at a table in the prison cafeteria, telling him that he thought he was going to die in the infirmary. A guilty Reid replies that he is glad he is okay. Then, an inmate approaches the two and informs Malcolm that Reid is an FBI agent. Malcolm asks Reid about this; when Reid doesn't answer, an outraged Malcolm tells Reid that he is going to get himself killed and leaves the table.