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"Machismo" is the nineteenth episode of Season One of Criminal Minds.


The BAU is requested to assist on a case in Mexico to determine if there is a serial killer targeting elderly women in the town of a police captain who attended one of Gideon's seminars.

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Bookend Quotes

  • Aaron Hotchner: Anthony Brandt wrote, "Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."
  • Aaron Hotchner: Mexican proverb: "The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman."


  • "Machismo" is a Spanish word for "macho", which means: "a strong sense of masculine pride".
  • This episode marks the first of four times the BAU has gone to another country to investigate a case. The others are:
  • The BAU team makes the connection that the unsub kills the mothers of the raped women by matching their last names; for example, the first rape victim is called "Julia Torres Morales" and her mom is "Elena Gutiérrez Torres". However, in Mexico (in all Spanish-speaking countries, actually), married women tend to keep their last name instead of replacing it with their husband's, and people typically use both of their parents' last names in their full name (in Julia's case, "Torres" would be her father's last name and "Morales" her mother's). So either the mother should have as her first last name "Morales" or her name should be "Elena Gutiérrez De Torres", which is the only way married women use their husband's last name. This was likely just an error on the writer's part.
  • The episode's unsub has some similarities to Norman Bates, the fictional serial killer from the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho - Both killed their victims by stabbing them, both dressed as women during their murders and both kept the skeletal bodies of their own mothers at their homes.
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