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Louis Chaycon was a serial killer, hitman, wound collector, proxy killer, gangster, abductor, and later copycat who appeared in the Season Fifteen episode "Ghost".


Not a lot of information is revealed about Chaycon’s past prior to the events of “Ghost”. What is known, however, is that he was a hit man who was captured by Matthew Simmons during his time as an IRT agent before being transferred to the BAU.

While being extradited to another country, Chaycon escaped only to be recaptured by Luke Alvez.

Following the death of his younger brother, Robert as a result of a prison gang fight, Louis blamed Matt and Luke for his death, believing that either one of them or both of them revealed that he was an informant.

As a means of revenge, Chaycon assembled some members of an offshoot branch of The Rolling Devils and committed a series of snipings through Des Plaines, Illinois by copying the modus operandi of Phillip Dowd, a sniper that the BAU dealt with years prior.


After having several members of the Rolling Devils shoot three people, Louis learns that the BAU is being called in to investigate the shootings. Another member shoots four additional people at a nearby park, resulting in one casualty.

He then lures several members of the BAU out toward an address near the apartment of Phillip Dowd and sends the members of his gang to ambush and abduct Matthew Simmons and Luke Alvez. The gang members succeed in capturing the men by knocking them out with flashbang grenades and injecting them with tranquilizers, but leave Tara Lewis behind seeing as that she wasn’t an intended target.

Simmons and Alvez are then transported to a foreclosed warehouse where Louis begins to torture them for information about who was responsible for his younger brother’s death. At first, both Luke and Matt don’t recognize him until Matt eventually does recognize him. Despite being tortured, the captive agents keep their cool by not allowing him to see any fear on them. While Louis is away from the room several times, Matt and Luke chip away at the pole they are tied to until he comes back.

While the BAU searches for their missing agents, Matt and Luke make Louis question the loyalty of his right-hand man, Fleabag. Flea tries to deny any involvement in the death of Robert, but is shot and killed by Louis.

Eventually, the BAU figures out the location of where Matt and Luke have been taken to by being tipped off by an undercover officer who was investigating a smaller motorcycle gang that wasn’t affiliated with The Rolling Devils and make their way to the abandoned warehouse.

Right as Louis threatens the lives of the loved ones of Matt and Luke, the men escaped from their confinement and a fight ensues between them and Louis as well as his gang, despite the injuries sustained from the torture as well as being drugged.

At some point while the team descends the warehouse and dispatch or apprehend several other members of the Rolling Devils, Matt shoots and kills Chaycon, ending his reign of terror.

Modus Operandi

While Chaycon himself didn't personally carry out the shootings, he sent several members of his gang to shoot several innocent people from a distance to make it seem like there was only one sniper. He then called the police and the BAU to an address near Phillip Dowd's apartment in order to draw out Simmons and Alvez. Once the ruse was in place and they were headed to the address, he sent the same gang members to ambush and abduct both men by blinding them with flashbang grenades and injecting them with syringes containing a tranquilizer. While Tara Lewis was also caught in the flashbang radius, she was left behind due to the fact that she was not an intended target. After the ambush, he held Simmons and Alvez in a foreclosed warehouse where he would torture and beat both of them until he got information of who was responsible for his brother's death.


At the beginning of the episode, the BAU believed that they were dealing with a single unsub that was copying the M.O. of Phillip Dowd. It wasn't until Simmons and Alvez were ambushed and abducted that they learned that they were dealing with a gang.

Known Victims

  • Presumably killed numerous victims as a hitman
  • Two unnamed Italian officers (injured while escaping custody)
  • Unnamed civilian (killed while escaping custody)
  • Brian Nikolay
  • Marko Salazar
  • Benjamin Blake
  • Craig Wolf (attempted)
  • Karen Wolf (attempted)
  • Peter Charles (attempted)
  • Timothy Donovan
  • Ambushed the following three:
    • Tara Lewis (incidental; ambushed, blinded with a flashbang grenade and left behind; wasn't an intended target)
    • Matthew Simmons (ambushed, blinded with a flashbang grenade, abducted, tortured, attempted to shoot; one of two intended targets)
    • Luke Alvez (ambushed, blinded with a flashbang grenade, abducted, tortured; one of two intended targets)
  • Fleabag (an accomplice; shot)