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 This list covers all minor criminals mentioned in Season Thirteen.

Wheels Up

South American IRT cases

Unspecified cases investigated by the International Response Team prior to their disbandment in which the hallucinogenic brew ayahuasca played a key role. Simmons later referred to the case after Reid linked the acronym for banisteriopsis caapi (B-CAP), the main ingredient in ayahuasca, to a trap set by Prentiss and Stephen to lure out Peter Lewis. No other details about the cases were given.

Killer App

"Officer Wilhelm"

A mercenary working for Peakstone PMC tasked with eliminating Tori Hoffstadt, as they worried that she would tell the BAU about the bombing of an elementary school. However, the BAU managed to get to Hoffstadt and arrest Wilhelm before he could complete the assassination.

Dust and Bones

Lara Gutierrez

The abusive mother of Desi Gutierrez. When Desi was little, Lara, having given birth to her at fifteen and unable to take care of a child, became abusive towards her, calling her "an ugly little girl", repeatedly voicing her wish that Desi had never been born and locking her in the shed in their backyard as punishment almost daily, leaving her in the cramped, hot space for long periods of time, despite knowing that inside there were snakes. Desi eventually reported the abuse, which led to an investigation by Child Protective Services and Lara was ordered to take parenting classes as a result. This helped Lara improve her behavior and to pull up her life, becoming a real estate agent. In 1996, when Desi was 9, Lara had a second daughter: Tina. In total contrasts to what happened years before, Tina lived an happy and joyful childhood, but this ended up damaging even more Desi's relationship with her family as Desi realized that Lara preferred Tina over her. By the time Tina went to college, Lara tried to reconcile with Desi, helping her opening a tattoo shop, Dust & Bones, but for unknow reason the business failed. In 2016, Lara was nominated Austin's Real Estate Agent of The Year, and became a celebrity in her community. Even then, Lara proved again her (apparently subconscious) little regard toward Desi's feelings when, during a long interview about her success, Lara kept praising Tina without ever naming Desi. This event was the last straw, and made Desi snap and become a serial abductor and torturer, in an attempt to prove how her mother was far from the extraordinary person the town came to see her as. After disfiguring three women, Desi abducted Tina and Lara, making the former get bitten by a snake. Lara tried to apologize but it was too late. Desi was going to disfigure her as well with a scalpel when BAU, having identified Desi as the unsub, arrived. Desi attempted to escape, but was eventually gunned down when she tried to attack one of the agents with the scalpel. While Tina received first aid before being taken to the hospital, a remorseful Lara watched Desi's body being taken away, implying that now she realized the true extent of the pain she caused to her daughter and how she will have to live with the regret for her past mistakes.

Ryan Kash

A tattoo artist in Austin, Texas, who was arrested on drug offenses in Oklahoma. He also committed numerous unspecified petty offenses that resulted in a warrant being issued for him. He was briefly suspected committing the crimes of Desi Gutierrez but was cleared as a suspect. He was later extradited back to Oklahoma.

Neon Terror

Gina Meadows' killer

The murderer of Gina Meadows, the babysitter of future serial-turned-spree killer Jeffrey Whitfield. He killed Gina in a carjacking gone wrong, which Jeffrey witnessed while he was sitting in the back seat. He was caught down the road by police the same day and incarcerated afterwards.

Unnamed car thief

A car thief who led police through traffic. A news report about it on Channel 3 can be seen as Jeffrey Whitfield takes Sandra Madsen hostage.

Bad Moon on the Rise

Unnamed mugger

A man who mugged the McCord family while they were in Central Park. Their son Bryce attempted to stop him, but was shot and killed and the mugger escaped with Adele's purse. He was never caught afterwards.

Chad Higgins' father

When Chad was five years old, his father killed his mother in a murder-suicide. The bodies weren't discovered until Chad told a neighbor he couldn't wake them up.

Last Gasp

Unnamed bank robbers

Two male unsubs who'd robbed four banks, getting away with over half a million dollars and leaving two bank employees dead. Their case is turned down by Linda Barnes, who believed that the unsubs would be positively received by the public and the media. It is unknown if they were ultimately apprehended.

Unnamed Angel of Death

An Angel of Death working in southern California targeting elderly immigrants in nursing homes. Their case is turned down by Linda Barnes, who believed that the BAU should choose cases that unite the public and that people wouldn't care about a dead Mexican grandma. It is unknown if they were ultimately apprehended.

Unnamed unsubs

Multiple unsubs responsible for killing a combined twenty-six people during the span of time Linda Barnes was in charge of the BAU. It is unknown if any of them were caught.

The Capilanos

The Capilano's unnamed father

The abusive and alcoholic father of Sal and Tony Capilano, he was a daredevil who worked for a traveling circus. He primarily abused Sal (who took the brunt of it for Tony, receiving a cut across his face as a result). Eventually, for unknown reasons, he killed his wife and then abandoned his sons. His status afterwards is unknown. His abuse was a driving force in Sal Capilano's murders, the victims being surrogates for his father.

The Dance of Love

Wick Rollins

Serial domestic abuser and extortionist with a history of beating his wives, only to be the beneficiary of massive settlements in the divorces. Attempted to repeat the same with Krystall Richards' daughter Portia, his latest fiancé, but Rossi saw the signs of his profile and had Garcia check his records. When Portia was unconvinced, Rossi confronted Rollins. When he threatened to release a violent offender on early parole in exchange for the favor of targeting Rollins, Rollins bitterly agreed to dump Portia and leave.