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This list covers all minor criminals mentioned in Season Fourteen.

The Tall Man[]

Bethany Wilson[]

Bethany was a high school student in East Allegheny, Pennsylvania, the hometown of Jennifer Jareau, who began a sexual relationship with Ethan Howard, a teacher and guidance counselor at her school who was secretly an ephebophilic statutory rapist who had preyed on several girls over the years, including JJ's sister. After Howard abducts her and her friends, Chelsea Davis and Ally McCready, it is revealed the abduction was a ruse to silence Davis and McCready, as they had found out about Wilson and Howard's relationship, and that Bethany was in on the plan. Bethany stabs Davis, who barely survives, and retreats to the school, where she awaits further instruction from Howard; however, the BAU arrests both of them. She is last seen slapping Howard before both are lead away by police.

Twenty Seven[]

Lonny Carson[]

A man who stabbed Tom Wells, the brother of future spree killers Marcus Wells and James Wells, resulting in his death. This triggered their spree of machete attacks throughout D.C.

Night Lights[]

Dr. William Mendelbaum[]

A pediatrician who specialized in exposure therapy, he was hired by the parents of serial killer Dustin Eisworth to cure his nyctophobia. Mendelbaum's methods included having Eisworth in dark places for long periods of time and being hypnotized while blindfolded. The therapy continued for 14 months before Mendelbaum stopped following the suicide of one of his other patients. Years later on December 28, 2018, Eisworth (who had been released from prison) somehow tracked down Mendelbaum and killed him along with his wife Sarah. It's unknown if Mendelbaum ever faced criminal prosecution, for both Eisworth's treatment or the patient's suicide.