It took me 20 years to build that ranch. I'll do anything I can to help you send that ungrateful son of a bitch straight to hell.

Leo Kane is an incidental character who appears in the Season Four episode "Minimal Loss". He was the original leader of the Separatarian Sect.


After twenty years of hard work, Kane, a hardcore Libertarian, founded the Liberty Ranch, a small, self-sustaining community located in La Plata County, Colorado. At some point after the ranch's creation in 1980, a young woman, who was five months pregnant, joined the community, giving birth to a son she named Charles Mulgrew. Mulgrew was unusually intelligent (possibly possessing an eidetic memory) and had a defiant attitude, much to Kane's annoyance. When Mulgrew was seventeen, a group of young girls came to Kane and told him Mulgrew had molested them, prompting Kane into kicking him out of the ranch, sending him and his mother fleeing to Kentucky. In 2000, Mulgrew (now going by "Benjamin Cyrus") returned, claiming his mother had died and that he had found God. Kane was usurped when Cyrus, claiming God had told him to take over the ranch, put a gun to his head and kicked him out. Cyrus then introduced religion to the ranch, transforming it into a cult that came to be known as the Separatarian Sect. Kane was eventually arrested, charged with tax evasion and assault (the latter for attacking four IRS agents with a baseball bat) and was sentenced to seventeen years in Deer Field Federal Prison.

Minimal Loss

In 2008, when a raid on Liberty Ranch (sparked by rumors of illegal weapons hoarding and sexual abuse) goes awry and Reid and Prentiss are taken captive, the BAU gets in touch with Kane in order to get information, arranging for him to be transported to La Plata County. Kane tells Morgan about Cyrus' past and how he took over, also claiming that he will do anything to help them "send that ungrateful son of a bitch straight to Hell." Kane ends up providing Morgan with an extensive map of the ranch.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified date in 2000-2008: Four unnamed IRS agents (all assaulted)


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