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Lara Heathridge is the sister and reluctant accomplice of serial killer James Heathridge who appears in the Season Seven episode of Criminal Minds, "Heathridge Manor".


On February 28, 1996, Lara was born to textile heiress Catherine Heathridge and an unidentified father who died in a boating accident not long before she was born. When she was still a baby, she had her arm cut off by Catherine, who was undergoing a psychotic episode. Catherine was later institutionalized, while Lara and her brother James were sent to live with their maternal grandfather Winston Harris. She grew up living her life with a prosthetic arm, gaining several friends in school. In 2009, James moved into the Heathridge Manor, the family home, when he was kicked out of a seminary. Two years later, their grandfather died, and this prompted James to begin his killings, using Lara as an unwitting accomplice.

Heathridge Manor

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