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Kristy Simmons is the wife of SSA Matthew Simmons and was a recurring character on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. She reappeared in Seasons Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen following Matt's transfer to the BAU.


Little is revealed about Kristy's personal history, other than she has been married to SSA Matthew Simmons for ten years and has five children with him; David, Jake, twin daughters, Chloe and Lily, and baby Rose. This led to jokes about Matt being a "breeder". Kristy understands the demands of Matt's job with the FBI but still wishes her husband was home with the family more often.

Season Ten[]

Beyond Borders[]

She is mentioned as Matt Simmons is known for being a breeder.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders[]

Kristy appeared in five episodes of the spin-off, particularly episodes focusing on her husband or the personal lives of the IRT.

Season Thirteen[]

To A Better Place[]

Kristy was mentioned by Matt, again not by name. He tells Prentiss and Lewis that, since he has been working with the BAU, his family loves having him at home more frequently.

Blue Angel[]

Kristy appears first at the beginning of the episode when she needs to get to work. However, Matt convinces her to stay home and enjoy her time with him. She is then briefly seen on the phone with Matt when he is on-duty. Kristy is then seen last at the end of the episode when Matt gets home, eventually being joined by their 4 kids.

Ex Parte[]

Kristy appears in this episode in which she and her colleagues are taken hostage by The Horsemen. However, Matt and the BAU come to the rescue; Kristy helps get in contact with them with the smartphone she bought for Simmons earlier. She also stops Matt from beating one of the Horsemen to death.

Season Fourteen[]

Rule 34[]

Kristy appears in this episode as she and Matthew deal with their son, David, being suspended from school after physically lashing out at a friend over a comment regarding cop shows. It is revealed that Kristy has been going for therapy due to the trauma from the hostage incident.

Truth or Dare[]

She reveals that she is pregnant with their fifth child.

Season Fifteen[]

Under the Skin[]

Kristy appears in the beginning of this episode at her baby shower.

Spectator Slowing[]

Kristy is placed on bed rest so Matt stays home to watch the kids.


Kristy appears in this episode. She is unhappy with her husband for the purchase of the crib he bought as it was bright red and he couldn't return it as it was final sale and he could sand it down lat alone strip the paint off. She later goes into labor and gives birth to Rosemary Simmons, named after David Rossi, who lent a hand in how to handle putting their five children through college.

And in the End...[]

She appears with Simmons in the party that Rossi throws for Penelope.