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The doctors, the insurance company, but it was all Trudeau!
Winters to JJ

Kevon Winters is a "house cleaner"-type serial killer, one-time abductor, and angel of death and poisoner-turned-arsonist who appears in the Season Thirteen episode of Criminal Minds, "Miasma".


In 2008, Winters' mother, Tanesa, had become ill after being exposed to black mold while living in an apartment building that had never been cleaned or vented following the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina. Tanesa, along with several other tenants living in the apartment building sued its owner, Walter Trudeau, for negligence and bodily harm, but were ignored by both him and the insurance companies. Sometime after this, the apartment building was torn down and turned into a coffee shop. His mother's illness inspired Winters to become a doctor, which his mother believed he could be. As he reached adulthood, he lived in Houston, Texas. He developed mysophobia and attended Patterson Community College, with Pre-Med as his undergraduate major. He later dropped out of college and owed thousands of dollars in tuition fees. On January 10, 2018, no longer able to watch his mother suffer, he decided to kill her using ketamine. Six days later, he found her body in their home. The M.E. reported her death as due to natural causes. A day after killing his mother, he decided to find other people who were sick like Tanesa and mercifully kill them in the same manner as he killed his mother. During the three weeks leading up to the events of the episode, he killed ten more people and dumped their bodies in a crypt.


Winters, in his Venetian bird mask, is first seen carrying a chicken and beginning to cut his latest victim, Jeremy Paulson, as he drains his blood into a bucket below. He later stashes the body into another crypt, but not as secluded as the first one. Later, Winters watches Carl Kevork, who is showing signs of sickness, at a bus stop. Winters pulls up in front of Kevork in his van. Kevork stands up and tells Winters he can't park here. However, Winters gestures to the side door, and when Kevork opens it, he is pulled in. Winters then injects him with ketamine in an attempt to kill him and drives away. Winters, at his garage, tries to strap him to a table, but Kevork, having survived the poisoning, wakes up and attacks him. A struggle ensues, which leads to Kevork grabbing a heavy pan and knocking Winters out with it. He takes Winters' keys and escapes outside, stealing his van and driving away. He drives out of the alley and onto the streets, but disoriented by the drugs, Kevork crashes resulting in him suffering minor injuries. The BAU later deduce where Kevork escaped from, finding Winters' garage. They also determine his motive for killing. With his secret crypt and van gone, Winters spirals out of control. Winters frantically washes his arms in a sink, reliving a memory when a doctor diagnosed his mother and him telling his mother he will become a doctor to help her. He tells himself in the mirror that the doctors never did anything to help his mother.

While out walking, Winters stumbles upon a woman leaving a clinic, coughing as she pushes a stroller. Angered, he bursts into Dr. Emily Hicks' clinic and confronts her, accusing her of not helping the woman and letting her leave "contaminated". Dr. Hicks tries to calm him down by saying she gave her medicine, but Winters continues his verbal attack and yells that doctors don't help, that they didn't help his mother. Seeing a pair of scissors on a table, she lunges for them to protect herself, but Winters beats her to it. She is forced to the ground, screaming as he douses her in alcohol and sets her on fire, finally killing her by stabbing in the back of her neck with the scissors. At Walter Trudeau's bar, while Rossi and JJ question Trudeau about his former building's damage and the aftermath, they witness through the shades of a window Winters spreading gasoline around the establishment. An employee named Ramon confronts him and asks what he's doing, but Winters grabs him and holds a lighter to his face, telling Trudeau to come out. JJ decides to come down to try and calm him down as Trudeau stays in his office upstairs and Rossi goes through a backdoor down the fire escape, calling Garcia to get more info on Winters' mother. In the bar, JJ tries to reason with him by saying her husband's father also died during Katrina, but Winters angrily claims she didn't die in Katrina - she died because of the negligence of Trudeau, the doctors, and the insurance companies. She tells him he should let Ramon go, which Winters does as Trudeau comes down the stairs, saying the death of his mother was a tragedy. Rossi, appearing behind him, tells him that Trudeau didn't kill his mother - the coroner report says she died in her sleep, but there is more to the story. Rossi claims that Winters gave her a lethal dose of ketamine. He confesses, saying he couldn't let her suffer anymore. JJ, taking advantage of his distraught position, quickly grabs his arm and subdues him as Rossi handcuffs and leads him away, with Winters crying over both his mother and his foiled attempt on Trudeau's life.

Modus Operandi

Winters initially targeted people of various ages, races, genders, and financial situations whom he saw experiencing symptoms of a cold or illness. He would drive next to them in his van, pull them inside of it, and inject them with a lethal dosage of ketamine. When he killed his victims, he wore long black gloves and a Venetian bird mask, the same kind of mask worn by plague doctors in the 17th century. He took his victims' bodies to a garage where they would be placed on a medical bed and hold a dead chicken over their bodies, a practice that had been done by medieval medical practitioners who believed it would absorb the person's illness. He then slit their throats with a knife and would place a dish under their necks to collect the blood. He then poured rubbing alcohol over their bodies and set them on fire with a lighter. The bodies of his second to twelfth victims would be placed in crypts afterward. After disposing of his victims' bodies, he would clean his van of any bacteria that the victims might have left while inside of it to avoid becoming sick. In the case of Doctor Emily Hicks, he poured alcohol on her, lit her on fire using the same lighter and then killed her by stabbing her with scissors from her clinic. When he killed his mother, he used ketamine-like later victims.


The unsub sees himself as a modern day plague doctor, based on him wearing a Venetian mask during crimes, the burning of the bodies, and the burial ground of the latest victim. He is an Angel of Death who is trying to stop the spread of disease by sick people. The unsub wants to eradicate not just the sick, but the sickness within them. This fixation on these ancient medical practices speaks to a very specific kind of stressor and it indicates a distrust in modern medicine. He or a loved one may have suffered a loss brought on by illness or disease or he may blame modern medicine for failing to save a loved one. The unsub was living on the fringes of society. His van was not just his means of transport, it was his whole life. and now that he has lost it, there is no telling what he will do next.

Known Victims

  • 2018:
    • January 10: Tanesa Winters (his mother; her death was written up as natural causes until three weeks later)
    • January 11: Hunter Dillon
    • January 13: Gil Reznik
    • January 14: Jason Chamers
    • January 16: Tyler Roberts
    • January 17-31:
      • Heather Pineda
      • Lindsay Montoya
      • Gary Keulchy
      • Sonequa Fox
      • Unnamed victim
      • Daniel Rikers
    • January 31: Jeremy Paulson (placed his body in another crypt)
    • February 1: Carl Kevork (abducted and attempted to kill; he escaped)
    • February 2:
      • Doctor Emily Hicks (stabbed once in the back with a pair of scissors and burned postmortem with ignited alcohol)
      • The standoff at Trudeau's bar:
        • Walter Trudeau (his mother's former landlord; intended to kill)
        • Ramon (one of the employee's at Trudeau's bar; poured alcohol on him, held hostage and intended to kill; was released)
        • Jennifer Jareau (attempted to set on fire)
        • David Rossi (attempted to set on fire)