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I can't live like this anymore. I want my life back.
Keri to JJ

Keri Derzmond is a woman who was being stalked by Mike Hicks. She appeared as an incidental character in the Season Three episode of Criminal Minds, "The Crossing".


Keri was born on January 16, 1973, and is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She presumably attended Harvard University and its law school and would eventually become a lawyer. Two years prior, Keri unknowingly caught the attention of Mike Hicks at her workplace and accidentally touched his hand as he was working on her computer. Soon, she started receiving notes and letters from him. Eventually becoming scared, Keri moved to Silver Spring, Maryland, met Ryan Scott, and became engaged with him. Before deciding on the move six months prior, she became pregnant. As she wasn't ready and feared she would trap Ryan and have him drop everything, including his career, to raise a baby, she decided to have an abortion at the Atlanta Women's Health Clinic.

The Crossing[]

Keri is picking up her dry cleaning and medical prescription, unaware that her stalker is there. As she walks towards her front door, Keri notices a small flower bouquet, and an envelope addressed to her on the sidewalk step. Realizing it's a picture of her stalker's well-developed man's bicep, Keri drops it and races back to her car. After locking all of the doors, Keri dials her cell phone, saying, "He's back – he's found me again." Making an appointment with JJ after reading the letter, she soon meets Anderson and Prentiss and explains her situation to them. She wrote to the Silver Spring Police Department, but they couldn't help her unless something happens to her and demanded help from the BAU before it was too late. When JJ explains that she will have to present the case to the team for their assessment before promising anything, Keri picks up a pad and pen from JJ's desk and scribbles down names and phone numbers, "Those are the people who you'll be calling when you find me dead."

Keri meets JJ and Prentiss at her office and explains the move to Maryland for several reasons. She gives them a list of all her friends, relatives, and acquaintances, both in Maryland and Georgia and will have to be completely honest with them and include any indiscretions or secrets Keri may have. Keri receives a call from Ryan, who has found another note and a box at their home. JJ and Prentiss head off to Keri and Ryan's house. Carefully opening the box, it contains a pair of the stalker's grandmother's antique earrings, and a picture enclosed shows the back of the man's head; one of the notes states he hopes Keri will soon give him a gift as well. The agents collect all of the evidence to take back to the station, and JJ tells them a patrol car will be making frequent checks of their neighborhood.

Keri is still looking at the photos when Ryan suggests they make dinner together and soon notice that their dog, Brody, is barking outside. Ryan peers through the window to check on him and sees that the backyard gate is open. Running out to call for Brody, a Silver Spring Policeman meets them at the gate. The only way to open the gate is if someone climbed over the fence and did it from the inside. The officer tells the two to go back inside while he checks on the situation. Less than ten seconds later, the officer knocks and shows them Brody's collar. Keri is comforted by Ryan as she cries. The next day, JJ and Prentiss tell Ryan and Keri about the "worst-case scenario". If Keri is ever alone with him: play along in his fantasy so the stalker will let his guard down; this unsub has been rejected all his life and is willing to hurt Keri if he feels as if he will lose her. While Prentiss is with Keri in the living room, JJ is in the other with Garcia and discovers Keri went to a clinic three times despite having excellent health insurance. JJ and Prentiss need full disclosure about that and Keri relentlessly tell them that she was pregnant before the move and could not have a baby at the time. Keri tries to explain how she did not want to have regrets about forcing Ryan into a relationship as his career was taking off at the time. Ryan overheard this and is hurt because he knew she wanted children, but she did not think he would drop everything to raise a baby. Keri tries to explain, but he soon leaves, prompting Keri to apologize and go into the other room.

The next day while Keri is out, she sees a familiar face. Realizing it's her stalker, she dials 911 on her cell. Keri is with the team and a sketch artist at the police station, knowing she had seen him before the agents tell her she will get through this and receives a call from Ryan wanting to talk to her. Reaching home, while Keri goes into the house, Ryan sees a man with Brody. Believing it's her stalker, Ryan jumps him while Keri watches from the window. Turning around, she is standing in front of the stalker. Finding herself in the van of her stalker, Keri stares at the pictures he had of her. Trying to remember what the agents told her, she tries to play along and sees that he's easily provoked. Released from her blue zip-ties, he touches her hands, remembers the first time he felt them before trying to press his lips against her body. Still playing along, Keri asks him if they can leave the van as she wants to walk along the water. They go with Keri having a gun to her back as Hicks holds her tightly. Unbeknownst to them, the BAU and Maryland Police are there, leading Hicks to hold a gun to Keri's head. Keri touches his hand, hoping he'll lower the gun. Realizing the gun is now in his back pocket, she runs towards the police, and Hicks is arrested, shouting at her. The agents console and congratulate her for playing along as she hugs Ryan, knowing it's all over.