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Kathy Hall is an incidental character and a reluctant smuggler who was targeted by members of a smuggling operation. She appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, "Cinderella and the Dragon".


Kathy and her brother William were born in Baltimore and lost their parents at very young ages, mostly raised by foster care. Kathy dropped out of school, but she finished her GED and got an associate’s degree while doing convenience store work. She primarily provided for and protected Will as his legal guardian, whose only record is a meth possession charge in 2005, which belonged to a patient at a rehab clinic where he volunteered and who he covered for. Kathy found work as a flight attendant for Oceanic Airlines and met Jane Wicks, an average-class Missouri native, when they were training in 2009. The two women swiftly became friends and each other’s closest confidants, not only sharing flights, but their tourism perks as part of their travels for their jobs.

A year before the events of the episode, they were assigned to flights between BWI and Singapore. There, Scott Davis scouted the two women on their flight route as a partner for a Singapore-based smuggling ring specializing in exotic and endangered fish breeding. Davis seduced Kathy into a relationship, but Jane always felt off about him. Davis eventually revealed his intentions, insisting the two women carry the fish in their uniforms and pass them off to the gangsters in the ring, run by a thug of legends only known as Al Gui. Jane and Kathy were against it up front, but Davis had already abducted Will and held him captive in a seedy storage unit in Baltimore as leverage, threatening to kill if Jane and Kathy refused. Under the pressure, the two women agreed and spent a few days reluctantly smuggling the fish, but they wanted out when Kathy couldn’t see her brother. Davis wouldn’t agree to this openly, placing a call to his contact, Han Bo Sheng, to pass onto Al Gui the flight attendants were liabilities.

Cinderella and the Dragon[]

Jane and Kathy were cornered in the baggage claim, where Al Gui’s cronies crawled in through the conveyor belt. As flight attendants in America were trained in self-defense, Jane and Kathy fought back. Jane died from being strangled with her uniform scarf, but Kathy escaped and left through an emergency exit before running into the streets of the city. She keeps the fish she and Jane were to hand over as an ultimatum for her safe evacuation and Will to be released. Needing to play Kathy’s escape through, as the police place her as the prime suspect of the murder, the ring arrange for her to meet one of the gangsters for a disguise before she runs off again. Lured to Geyleng, she ends up in a warehouse where she was lured by Sheng, as Davis called him when Monty deliberately implied the agents were closing in, hoping to catch Davis in the act and find Kathy all in one. Instead, Kathy found Sheng drowned in one of the fish tanks, as well as Al Gui’s minions waiting to kidnap her too.

The gangsters try to beat information out of her, but Kathy holds out and demands to see Al Gui. Al Gui acts polite and as if Jane’s murder was an inconvenience, and when Kathy insists she wants her brother back, Al Gui lies he’ll agree if she brings him to where she hid the fish. Kathy takes the three to a penthouse where the fish are in an aquarium. Content with the response, Al Gui then orders his men to kill Kathy, but the IRT and city police raid the place and shoot the two gangsters, detaining Al Gui and rescuing Kathy. She thanks the agents, and they tell her the State Department will call her and to answer no questions. The agents convince the police to release Kathy to the United States absolved of charges, but she’s left with a lifetime ban from the country. She’s last seen personally flying home on the IRT’s private plane.