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Kat Mackrel is the sister and accomplice of Michelle "Shelly" Gorman, a killer who appears in the Season Thirteen episode of Criminal Minds, "Full-Tilt Boogie".


"Joe and I just want to provide her a safe home, one you and I never had!"

Michelle and Kat Mackrel were originally from Baltimore, and they were raised in a violent home by an abusive, alcoholic father, which had a profound effect on both of them. When they were teenagers, their father was brutally attacked, and there was a trial that put Kat in juvenile hall. Michelle had brutally beaten their father for everything he did to them and talked Kat into taking the fall for it. Michelle dropped out of high school, and started working a lot, and got fired a lot. She had a long list of court-ordered anger management classes. She cleaned up her act, moved to Hitchens, Virginia, met a doctor named Joe Goreman, and went on to marry him, and build up a good life for herself after suffering so much for so many years. What Kat and Michelle suffered during their childhood, it led to Kat becoming addicted to pills as a way to numb the pain of it. In 2014, she almost overdosed, with her newborn daughter Justine in the car. Michelle and Joe were given custody of Justine. Justine is now 3-years-old, and Michelle actually had been providing Justine with the safe home that Michelle and Kat never had.

Full-Tilt Boogie[]


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