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Julio Watson is a convicted mass murderer who was a suspect in a series of killings who appears in the Season Ten episode "Lockdown".


Very little is revealed about Watson's life prior to his arrest and incarceration, including how or even why he committed his mass murder. What is known was that it was carried out by him and several accomplices and they were later arrested for it. To avoid getting the death sentence, he cut a deal with the prosecution and left his accomplices to take it, while he was sentenced to life in prison, plus thirty years. A month prior to the episode, Watson was transferred to the Reagan Federal Penitentiary, where he was bullied by two prison guards, Rudy Hightower and Keith Rivers. He also founded the Southside Crip Nation, a prison gang.


When Hightower and Rivers are both murdered, suspicion falls on Watson due to his prison gang ties. He is interrogated by Rossi and Morgan, the latter of whom he tries to strike up a friendship with since they are both African-American. Watson then denies any involvement in Hightower and Rivers' deaths, but also proclaims that he wanted them dead, as did every other inmate in the penitentiary.

Later on, Weeks and several other inmates take Morgan, Kate, and a prison guard hostage during a prison riot. Sensing what was going on, Watson and some of his cronies confront Weeks and his gang, demanding them to release Morgan and Kate immediately. He claims that since Morgan and Kate are both federal agents, killing them would land the offender in death row. After the riot is broken up by police, Morgan thanks him for helping out, to which Watson implies he only did it because he was sticking up for Morgan, a fellow African-American.

Modus Operandi[]

Since no details about Watson's mass murder are ever elaborated on, his M.O. is unknown.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified date: At least four unnamed victims[2]



  1. the minimum required number of victims to constitute a mass murder
  2. same as above