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Judith Anderson is the wife and accomplice of Alan Anderson and the non-dominant partner of their husband-and-wife killing team that appears in the Season Nine episode of Criminal Minds, "Mr. & Mrs. Anderson".


Very little is known about Judith's life, other than she met Alan, presumably sometime in 1989. They married in 1994 and, sharing a mutual desire to murder, began killing women together. However, they stopped killing in 2010 when Alan tested positive for a sexually-transmitted disease, which put a strain on their relationship. As a result, they began seeing multiple marriage counselors; by 2014, they started seeing Kathleen Benedict, who specialized in insight therapy, which caused them to rediscover their love of killing and therefore motivate them to start murdering again. Benedict's lessons also provoked a more domineering attitude from Judith, which caused tension within Alan.

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson[]

See section on The Andersons article

Known Victims[]

Note: All of the women and James Crayton were killed by Alan while Judith watched.

  • Dates further unspecified:
    • 1994: Cheryl (surname indiscernible)
    • 1995: Unnamed woman
    • 1997:
      • Unnamed woman
      • Unnamed woman
    • 1998: Unnamed woman
    • 2000: Unnamed woman
    • 2001: Unnamed woman
    • 2006: Unnamed woman
    • 2009: Unnamed woman
    • 2010: Unnamed woman
  • 2014:
    • February 9: Tatiana
    • February 11: Maya Taylor
    • February 12: James Crayton (was picked by her instead of Alan)
    • February 14: Alan Anderson (her husband; assaulted)