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This team is like a family, and families take on the traits of their leaders.
Todd in "Bloodline"

Jordan Todd is a recurring character who appears briefly in Season Four on Criminal Minds as a temporary replacement for Jennifer Jareau.

On Criminal Minds

Todd was formerly assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Division, and had joined the BAU team as a temporary replacement for JJ while she was on maternity leave. There have also been hints that Morgan may be attracted to her,[1]and vice-versa. In "Normal", Todd makes a press conference and afterward participates in a raid on the unsub's home to find his entire family shot dead. She goes outside and begins to blame herself for the deaths of the family because of the press conference making the unsub commit the act. Rossi then comes outside and sits down next to her, comforting her and explaining to her that it isn't her fault as the family was dead before the BAU was on the case. Todd then starts crying, and admits that she can't handle the pressures of her new position. In the end of "Bloodline", she tells Hotch that JJ will return and that she will return to the Counter Terrorism Division.