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Jordan Norris is the girlfriend of Owen Savage and an incidental character who appeared in the Season Three episode "Elephant's Memory".


Born sometime in 1991, Jordan was an only child to her father, Rod and her mother, who died for unspecified reasons. Rod was known to be abusive and domineering towards Jordan, even branding her "stupid." For much of Jordan's middle school and high school life, she was teased by other students due to her slower learning abilities. When she was a freshman, a senior named Kyle Borden took advantage of her and told the entire school about it. She befriended a girl named Eileen Bechtold, who seemed to be her only friend. Sometime between 2006 and 2007, Jordan became romantically involved with Owen Savage, another misfit who would stand up for her against her father and classmates. Like her, Owen lost his mother, was raised by an abusive father (who worked as a police officer), had slower learning abilities, and was frequently bullied. The two had a very healthy relationship and Owen did his best to make sure Jordan was taken care of at all times at home and school. The two of them communicated frequently through a PDA Owen bought her after her cellphone was taken away by her father as a punishment.

Elephant's Memory

Eventually, Owen snapped and formulated a revenge scheme. First, he ran away with Jordan and the two sought shelter at a local ranch whose owner was away. He then began his killing spree, claiming the lives of her father and his own, among others. All the while, Jordan remained blissfully unaware of Owen's activities. Eventually, the BAU communicates with Jordan through Eileen and tell her about Owen's killings. At first, she refuses to believe these claims, but when she spots Owen burying the ranch's owner (whom he had killed the previous night when he returned unexpectedly) outside, she is horrified and escapes. Jordan finds her way to the police station and is kept under protection. When Owen arrives, intending to commit a massacre at the station and leave behind his mother's necklace as a means of goodbye to Jordan, he is successfully talked down by Reid. While being detained by Reid, Owen reunites with Jordan and gives her the necklace. She is last seen watching her boyfriend being taken to jail.