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This is our home now. You, me, and Ashley. We're going to be one happy family.

Jordan Halloran is a serial killer, abductor, stalker, and later spree killer who appears in the Season Fourteen episode of Criminal Minds, "Ashley".


Almost nothing is known about Jordan's early life. What is known is that at some point in his life, he engaged in a relationship with a Becky Hughes and impregnated her. After giving birth to a girl, Becky left Jordan due to his increasingly abusive nature and put their daughter, whom she named Ashley, up for adoption on the condition that Jordan did not learn where Ashley ended up.

In 2017, an eight-year-old Ashley, who ended up being adopted by a loving couple known as the Carsons after Becky gave her up, died from a congenital heart defect.


He murders Ruby Butler's parents and kidnaps her at night. He forces her to wear a red dress but when he finds out Ruby has heterochromia he leaves her at a diner where Mrs. Butler dines at, unaware that the BAU agents have already sent out a missing report and are looking for her.

He later kidnaps Naomi using the same M.O. but he kills the convenience store owner when the owner recognizes Naomi on the news, alerting the BAU. They rush to Becky Hughes' house where SSA Emily Prentiss tries to talk him down by asking Garcia to have the television show a memorial video of Ashley's life. SSA David Rossi then tells him that Ashley lived a good life and that Halloran should honor her. He then breaks down crying, realizing the error of his ways, and is arrested by SSA Matthew Simmons, presumably being incarcerated or institutionalized.

Modus Operandi

Jordan targeted eight-year old girls who were adopted by married couples with that had some issue with their marriage (Grace Butler was a compulsive shopper; the Shaws were having marital troubles). Using his job as a graphic designer to create "look books" (books that showed birth mothers the inside and outside of the home of people who wanted to adopt their babies), he would know where his victims lived, where they slept, and how to break into their homes. He stalked them for sometime to look for people in the girls' lives who were nice to them that he thought would be suitable "surrogate parent". He would break into the homes at night when his victims slept, kill their adopted parents at night by shooting them with a handgun, and then abduct the girls. He would take them to his home, force the kidnapped girls to wear a red dress, take them to the "surrogate parent", and have the say they are "you're my new mom". When he killed the Carsons, he shot them while they were in their car.


The unsub is a male in his late-20s-to-early-30s who is abducting 8-year-old adopted girls in an effort to re-home them. He is intelligent, physically fit and meticulous, bordering on obsessive-compulsive. The specificity of his agenda suggests two things: that the unsub was closely and negatively affected by the adoption system and that he himself was adopted.

Considering the compassion he showed towards his first victim, it's possible that he put a child up for adoption himself and that his daughter was subject to real or perceived harm at the hands of her adoptive parents. He is presumably working inside the adoption system, making it a suspect pool that needs to be ruled out.

Known Victims

  • 2018:
    • November 4: Robert and Alice Carson (Ashley's adoptive parents)
    • November 19: The Butler family
      • Kellen Butler (father; shot in the head)
      • Grace Butler (mother; shot three times in the torso)
      • Ruby Butler (daughter; abducted; was released the next day)
    • November 20: The Shaw family
      • Carter Shaw (father)
      • Julie Shaw (mother)
      • Naomi Shaw (daughter; abducted and held hostage; was rescued the next day)
    • November 21:
      • Unnamed store clerk (incidental)
      • Becky Hughes (his ex-girlfriend; held hostage at gunpoint; was rescued)


  • Jordan seems to be based on at least three unsubs from previous seasons:
    • James Thomas ("Compromising Positions") - Both were psychotic serial killers who devolved, had stressors which involved a women with whom they were in a relationship with (Jordan's girlfriend put their daughter up for adoption; James's wife cheated on him with another man leading to her being pregnant), found their victims through their jobs, targeted married couples, killed some of their victims in their homes during the nighttime hours, killed their victims by shooting them (although James also killed by stabbing).
    • George Kelling ("From Childhood's Hour") - Both were killers who had stressors involving the death of a female relative (for Jordan, it was his daughter; for George, it was his foster mother), had jobs that allowed them to find their victims, stalked their victims, abducted their child victims and took them to their homes, and killed the parents after deeming them unworthy of rasing the children.
    • Margaret Hallman ("I Love You, Tommy Brown") - Both were psychotic spree killers who had children who were put up for adoption which served as the motivation for their crimes, targeted married couples, killed their victims in their homes by shooting them, and held someone with whom they were in a previous relationship with hostage at gunpoint.
  • The actress who played Ruby does not have heterochromia, like the storyline says. She has 2 blue eyes. Not 2 different colored eyes.