"Jones" is the eighteenth episode of Season Two and the 40th overall of Criminal Minds.


Gideon and his team go to New Orleans when a case involving a serial killer believed to be a copycat of Jack the Ripper is reopened after a fourth victim is found dead, just after the murderer was presumed to be killed in Hurricane Katrina two years earlier.

Guest Cast

  • Candice Afia - Waitress
  • Jon Barton - SWAT Leader
  • Rhys Coiro - Ethan
  • Jeffrey Doornbos - Danny
  • Jeff Doucette - Coroner
  • Tammy Dugen - Woman in Blue Top
  • Chris Eckles - John
  • Edward Edwards - Detective William LaMontagne, Sr.
  • Chip Joslin - Blond Man
  • Simone Kessell - Sarah Danlin
  • Dufflyn Lammers - Alice
  • John Lee - Ronnie Tibideaux
  • Brian Meredith - Mark
  • Tyrone M. Mitchell - Friend #2
  • Teaj Sanderson - Athletic Guy
  • Josh Stewart - Detective William LaMontagne, Jr.
  • Terence J. Rotolo - Baseball Hat Guy
  • Randy Thompson - Detective J.R. Smith
  • Tyson Turrou - Friend #1
  • January Welsh - Prostitute #1
  • Marissa Welsh - Prostitute #2
  • Elena Zaretsky - Brunette Woman

Referenced Criminals


  • "Take Me Back" by Nelson Adelard

Bookend Quotes

  • Jason Gideon: Robert Kennedy once said, "Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom. Not a guide by which to live."

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