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Jonathan Francis "Jon" Gries (sometimes credited by Jon Francis or Jonathan Francis) is an American actor, writer, and director best known for his roles in Napolean Dynamite, Lost, Martin, The Pretender, and Running Scared.


Gries was born in Glendale, California, on June 17, 1957, to Mary Eleanor Munday, an actress, and Thomas Stephen "Tom" Gries, a writer, director, and producer. He first appeared on film at the age of eleven, when he portrayed the Boy Horace in Will Penny. Some of his following signature roles have come in cult classics. He played Lazlo Hollyfeld in Real Genius, Azzolini in Rainbow Drive, Shawn McDermott in the TV series Martin, Ronnie Wingate in Get Shorty, Harvey in The Rundown, and Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite. Gries has also starred as a werewolf on several occasions, such as Fright Night Part II and The Monster Squad. In the historical Western film September Dawn, Gries played as executed murderer John D. Lee in a performance that was praised by critics who otherwise panned the film. He then portrayed Casey in the film Taken and its sequel, and was also in TerrorVision as O.D. He also lent his voice for the video game Hitman: Absolution.

Among Gries's TV roles are that of a terrorist in the second season of 24 and as Broots on the NBC-produced series The Pretender. He also had guest roles on The X-Files and Beverly Hills, 90210. Gries then portrayed Ben Linus's father Roger in a recurring role on the TV series Lost. This was followed by the role of Shawn on the FOX-produced sitcom Martin during ITS first two seasons. He also appeared as a band member in a Quantum Leap episode, Rusty the Bum in two episodes of Seinfeld, and the menacing dad to Samaire Armstrong in Around June. In 2008, he appeared in a CSI: NY, starring as the father of the episode's victim. Two years later, Gries wrapped production on A True Story. Based on Things that Never Actually Happened. ...and Some that Did and also appeared in one episode of Nikita. He also played Martin in two episodes of the TV show Supernatural. In 2014, Gries appeared on Criminal Minds, starring as a vigilante spree killer.

On Criminal Minds[]

Gries portrayed spree killer and vigilante Clifford Walsh in the Season Nine episode "The Road Home".


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