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I saw it on TV. Three strikes and I'm out, I'm not going back, I'm not going down for this...
Joey's last words just before his death

Joseph Franklin "Joey" Davin was an unknowing accomplice of Amber and Tony Canardo. He appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds, "The Perfect Storm".


Born on March 18, 1979, Joey was in and out of jail on two separate occasions since he was seventeen. At some point, his father Henry contracted multiple sclerosis and was subsequently confined to a wheelchair. As a result, Joey moved in with Henry to take care of him. He briefly worked at an auto repair shop but was fired due to a lack of competence along with a former cellmate, Tony Canardo. He eventually began helping him dispose of cars across state lines, unaware that they had belonged to women Tony's wife, Amber, had killed.

The Perfect Storm[]

In the episode, when the BAU is called in to track down the killers and learn where their victims' cars had gone, they consider Joey a possible suspect for the killings. By the time they are going to Henry and Joey's home to question him, Joey has already heard about the killings and the connection to the cars on TV. He grabs a revolver in order to attempt to fight his way out since the car disposals would have been his "third strike" and earned him a life sentence. When the investigators are unsuccessful in talking him down, he raises his revolver and is shot and killed by Detective Robert Portillo, much to his father's devastation. While in custody, Tony attempts to pin his and Amber's crimes on himself and Joey, but the BAU see through him, and Tony was convinced by Gideon to have Amber arrested.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified dates in c.1996: Two unspecified arrests