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Joseph "Joe" Mulford was a delusional killer who started a series of killings continued by his nephews Paul and Johnny Mulford. He was mentioned and only appeared via mugshot in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds, "Open Season".


See section on The Mulford Family article

Modus Operandi[]

Joe would presumably hunt his victims like wild animals in the Boise National Forest, just as Paul and Johnny would later do. Since nothing is specified about how and why Joe killed, it is safe to speculate that he may have known and had something personal against his selected victims. Joe's weapon of choice is also not specified, but it was most likely a compound bow and arrow, a preference he passed on to Paul and Johnny. It can also be presumed he would abduct people whose cars broke down on Highway 2, since Paul and Johnny would do so to their known victims in the episode.


No profile of Joe was made by the BAU, since they were focused on Paul and Johnny. Why Joe started killing was never specified, but it was implied that the psychotic delusions that got him kicked out of the U.S. Army drove him to do it. It is safe to speculate (as nothing at all is revealed about why he killed) that he may have known his victims and had something against them, though nothing has ever been confirmed except that he killed at least one victim.

Known Victims[]

  • March 22, 1969: An unspecified charge of assault and battery
  • August 2, 1972: An unspecified charge of assault and battery
  • June 14, 1974: An unspecified charge of assault and battery
  • October 31, 1976: An unspecified charge of assault and battery
  • January 2, 1978: An unspecified charge of assault and battery
  • Unspecified date in 1979: An unspecified charge of assault and battery
  • Pre-1980: Unnamed victim
  • Pre-1988:
    • Josh Bridges (killed by either Joe or Paul[2])
    • Randy Dillion (killed by either Joe or Paul[3])
  • At least fifteen other victims killed by either him or Paul. Named ones are:
    • Post-2000: Phillip Fitzroy
    • Pre-2002:
      • Colin Bradford
      • Gloria
      • -her Osgood (first name partially obscured)
    • Post-2002: Colby Freeman
    • Post-2003: Brad Jepson
    • Post-2004:
      • Hayward (first name obscured)
      • David Sutterman
    • 2005:
      • Unspecified date: Dustin Strafford
      • March-April: Lydia Charles



  1. Since he has only one confirmed victim while the rest of the seventeen-plus victims are unconfirmed to having been killed by him as well, he is classified as this pathology
  2. Considering that Paul was seven years old at most during the time of Bridges's death, Joe would be the more likely killer
  3. Same as above