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Dr. Jill Gideon is the ex-wife of Jason Gideon and a recurring character in the second season of Criminal Minds: Evolution.


Not much is revealed on Jill's earlier life than than she's a biological psychiatrist specialized in epigenetics, the study of how genes and physiology shape one's psychology. During this time, she met Jason Gideon and David Rossi. She was known to be a silent partner in getting the BAU up and running; Jason preferred it that way as he feared their work would put her at risk. Jill and Jason married and had a son, Stephen. In 1997, Rossi left the Bureau. She divorced Jason Gideon two years later.

Despite ending their marriage, she kept the name and was still his therapist as he could only trust her. She also frequented with Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia, and Emily Prentiss. Hearing about Jason's murder at the hands of Donnie Mallick, she made her peace with it.

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