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Jessen Noviello is an American actor and stuntman.


Little is known of Noviello's background, other than he started practicing karate at some point. He eventually acquired six black belts for distinctive styles (four of which were master ranked). He was also a three-time world martial arts champion and was induced into the sport karate hall of fame. Noviello began acting in 1991 and began his stuntman career around 2011.

On Criminal Minds[]

Noviello portrayed Monty in the Season Seven episode "The Bittersweet Science". He also did some stunt work in that episode, as well as the Season Nine episodes "To Bear Witness" (in which he was an uncredited stunt double for Franklin Killian) and "Gatekeeper" (in which he was an uncredited stunt double for Jack Plotnick).


  • Sweet/Vicious (2017) as Frat Boy (uncredited)
  • Conan (2016) as Frank (uncredited)
  • Rush Hour (2016) as Ripped (uncredited)
  • Man of Action (2015) as Donnie (short)
  • Mighty Med (2014) as Injured Superhero/Superhero/Red Scare (3 episodes)
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013-2014) as Lead Tac Agent/Lars (2 episodes)
  • Blowback (2013) as Alex Mason (short)
  • Banshee (2013) as Rabbit Gunman #8 (uncredited)
  • The Brides of Sodom (2013) as Warrior
  • Revolution (2012) as Deck Guard (uncredited)
  • The Johnnies (2012) as Jessen
  • Grimm (2012) as Hargrund (2 episodes)
  • Palmyra (2012) as Legionnaire (short)
  • Within (2012) as Cussing Man (short, scenes deleted)
  • Criminal Minds - "The Bittersweet Science" (2011) TV episode - Monty
  • Absolution (2011) as Samson (short)
  • Rules (2009) as Kadow
  • Turbo (2009) as Shamus' Avatar (short)
  • Revamped (2007) as Bleeder (video)
  • Final Fu (2006) as White Dragon
  • 29th Street (1991) as 8-Year-Old Needle Nose

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