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Jerry Holston was a psychopathic abductor and member of the Believers who appeared in the Season Thirteen episode "Believer" via flashbacks.


Almost no information is known about Jerry’s past prior to the events of “Believer”. What is known, however, is that he was an insurance salesman and that at some point in his life, he and his wife, Donna became members of “The Believers”, a cult that operated through the continental United States and collect hyoid bones from their victims. He and Donna also tried to indoctrinate their son, Theo, into following their cause.


Jerry and his wife, Donna, mainly appeared in flashbacks where they would torture Owen Quinn, an FBI agent investigating ”The Strangler” case, and beat him for information.

After several months had passed and upon learning that Theo had hesitated to kill Quinn, he abducted Theo‘s girlfriend, April Pearson and threatened him that if Quinn wasn’t killed, she would be killed instead. Theo shoots him and Donna and flees from the household with April.

Modus Operandi

Jerry targeted and abducted young adults living in cities in the northeast quarter. He would target victims in cities with "New" in their names while he was traveling for work. Jerry would also search for victims in college bars. He would then abduct them and bring them to the Believers’ warehouse. There, the victims would be killed by Benjamin as his followers watched. Benjamin would then remove their hyoid bones, which Jerry kept as trophies. He would also carve the abduction dates into the bones. Jerry’s abduction of Owen Quinn was incidental. After Donna drugged his drink, Jerry and Donna abducted him and held him prisoner in their basement for almost a year, during which they would torture and interrogate him. Jerry later abducted April and attempted to force Quinn to kill her. Jerry then tried to get Theo to kill Quinn in order to save April.

Known Victims

Note: The locations denote where the victims were abducted.

  • Unspecified dates:
    • New London, Connecticut: Unnamed victim
    • New Haven, Connecticut: Unnamed victim
    • Newark, New Jersey: Unnamed victim
    • New Brunswick, New Jersey: Unnamed victim
    • New Rochelle, New York: Unnamed victim
    • Unspecified location in Maryland: Unnamed victim
    • Unspecified location: Unnamed victim
    • Unspecified location, 2017: Owen Quinn (incidental; held captive and tortured)
    • Owen Quinn (attempted to force Theo to kill him)
    • April (attempted to force Theo to kill him)