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I'm sorry, Dalton, you were right. I mean, here we are risking our lives for some damn half-breed!
Talbot's last words

Jasper Talbot was a bank robber-turned-criminal accomplice who appeared in the Season Thirteen episode of Criminal Minds, "Ex Parte".


After turning eighteen, Jasper enlisted in the U.S. Army, where he likely met Dalton McCann. He and Dalton were later dishonorably discharged for unspecified reasons, incarcerated for an unspecified amount of time, and committed multiple bank robberies in Florida. They became members of The Horsemen as they shared the group's White supremacy ideology. He was recruited by Josh Martin, another member of the Horsemen, to assist him in committing a hostage situation against the law firm that had been trying to get members of the Horsemen put away for their crimes.

Ex Parte

The episode begins with Dalton and Jasper taking two maintenance workers hostage and stripping them of their uniforms and badges at the instructions of Josh Martin. Though they succeed in acquiring the badges and uniforms, they leave the maintenance workers alive.

The next day, Dalton and Jasper enter the ALDC in their disguises and deactivate the security systems while Josh talks with Lillian Forsythe. After the security has been disabled, the men take out their firearms and hold everyone in the law firm hostage before placing C-4 bombs on the doors to prevent anyone from busting them down.

This incident results in the BAU being called in to take part in the negotiations, but it becomes personal when the team is informed that Matthew's wife, Kristy, may be among one of the hostages in the building. Meanwhile on the inside of the law firm, Talbot and his associates order the hostages to surrender their personal items including cellphones and laptops so they wouldn't be used to call for help or reveal the faces of their captors.

Several hours later after killing another hostage, Ian Watt, Talbot and his compatriots wander around the law firm. While they're distracted, Kristy hides the phone she was going to give to Matthew on a shelf. With the help of the phone, the BAU is able to identify Talbot as one of the hostage takers by looking into his history ranging from his army discharge to his suspected involvement in a series of bank robberies in Florida. The team then decided to end the hostage crisis earlier by undermining its purpose and getting into Josh's head. When Dalton began to question about Josh, Talbot assured Dalton to trust him.

Upon seeing an argument between Erol Altan and Kristy, Josh finds the hidden phone and becomes agitated that one of the hostages may be helping the police and the FBI. At first it is believed that Erol was the one who planted it, but Kristy confesses that she was the one who hid the phone. This angers Josh and he prepares to execute her. This gives Tara Lewis the opportunity to use Kristy as a mouthpiece to get Josh to back down. She repeats everything that Tara tells her at the confusion of Dalton, Josh, and Jasper. This leads Dalton and Jasper to contemplate their role in Josh's scheme and if risking their lives was really worth their loyalty to him. When Jasper calls out Josh as a "half breed", Josh shoots him out of anger and tells Dalton to not say another word.

Modus Operandi

The M.O. of Talbot as well as his associates was to hold the ALDC law firm hostage in a bid to get the federal government to release Leonard Hagland from incarceration.

Dalton and Jasper first held the two maintenance workers at gunpoint to get ahold of their badges and uniforms to disguise themselves. The next day, they enter the ALDC law firm in their disguises while Josh talks with Lillian Forsythe by pretending to be a client scheduling an appointment; giving them time to disable the law firms security systems. Once the security system is disabled, the trio grabs their weapons and holds everyone hostage. The group then demands that the hostages give them their personal devices including cellphones and laptops to prevent them from calling for help or using the device's cameras (if they had any) to identify them before placing C-4 bombs on the doors to prevent entry or escape.

Dalton and Jasper mostly followed alongside Josh's plans until he became more and more unstable and they began to question both his identity and their loyalty to him.


No official profile of Talbot was made by the BAU as they were profiling the hostage situation he was a part of.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates:
    • Unspecified location: An unspecified crime(s) that led to his incarceration
    • Florida: Several victimless bank robberies
  • Washington D.C.:
    • April 3-4, 2018
      • Attack at the Vextel van
        • Terrell Campbell and Nathan Butler (tied up; stole their badges and uniforms, but left alive)
    • April 4, 2018
      • The hostage-taking at the LCD law firm:
        • Lillian Forsythe (boss of the firm; killed by Josh)
        • Ian Watt (killed by Josh)
        • Steven Onishi
        • Erol Altan
        • Kristy Simmons