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I took you for better, or for worse. And nothing's gonna change that.

James Blake is the husband of SSA Alex Blake, who physically appeared in the Season Eight episode of Criminal Minds, "#6".


Little is known about James's early life, including how he met and married Blake, but the two are evidently a close couple. Together, they had a son Ethan, who died of an unspecified neurological disease at the age of nine. When he became a member of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders or MSF), a French secular humanitarian-aid, non-governmental organization, he went overseas, and their marriage turned into a "Skype one".

On Criminal Minds[]

In the episode, James returns to the U.S. and surprises Blake one morning. They talk, and James prepares to tell her something when she receives a call to investigate a case. Later, curiosity gets the better of Blake and she calls him "to check in", James tells her that he had decided to accept an offer for a job as a professor at Harvard University, but as long as Blake went with him. He then cites that they need to be a real couple again. By the end of the episode, Blake decides to turn down the offer and agrees to just visit him on holidays and weekends.

However, in "Angels", Blake mentions to Reid that she hopes James won't bring up the offer to teach at Harvard again. At the conclusion of "Demons", Blake leaves her credentials with Reid and then leaves, presumably to be a real couple with James. It is later revealed that she went to Boston to become a teacher; Boston is near Cambridge, where Harvard is located.[1]


  • In interviews regarding Blake that were given at the time leading up to "The Silencer", James was initially described as her boyfriend.
  • When he sleeps, his leg twitches, something that Blake knows very well.