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I’m not telling you what another man's gone through.
James in "Restoration"

James Barfield is a molestation victim of Carl Buford who appears in Seasons Two and Eight of Criminal Minds.


Little is known about James's personal life, except that he attended the Upward Youth Center just as Morgan did and was one of many boys molested by the pedophile and future serial killer Carl Buford, the community center owner. He had a paralyzed sister and two brothers, one of whom was incarcerated. At some point, James became acquainted with SSA Derek Morgan, a former resident of the center and a former victim of Carl's, who would often revisit the location while in Chicago to check up on the current residents.

Profiler, Profiled[]


A younger James in Profiler, Profiled.

James is first seen playing football with Damien Walters and several other children at the youth center. He later introduces Damien to Morgan when they are confronted by Rodney Harris, who was driving by before Rodney is chased away by Carl.


James is seen working out again at the youth center when he is questioned by Morgan and Blake regarding the deaths of men in their old neighborhood. In contrast to his attitude in Profiler, Profiled, he is shown as dismissive, disappointed that Morgan had told Blake about his molestation at the hands of Carl. He refuses to assist in the investigation, stating that he is not a snitch who talks about another man's sexual abuse, and expressing concerns that word of his molestation will dash his hopeful football career. At the end of the episode, James is shown watching a live press conference held by Morgan, reflecting, as Rodney was apprehended as the unsub.