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My mom lied! She's a liar and a sinner and she made me a bastard!
Jacob to JJ

Jacob Wallace is a delusional, religiously zealous teenage serial killer, family annihilator, and abductor who appears in the Season Fourteen episode of Criminal Minds, "Innocence".


Not much is known about Jacob except that he and his family had been moving around. When he was at school, he had a violent impulse that involves hurting and picking up fights with other students. At some point, he wanted to find who his family was and found out through a My DNA Map website he was born from his mother's affair with another man. This caused him to snap and started killing his family.


"She was an adulterer! At church they told us adultery was punishable by death! It says so on the Bible!"

At the beginning of the episode, he walks his mother out into the woods while wearing a hooded sweatshirt, Melissa crying and saying she won't tell what he did. He then ties his mother to a tree and kills her by beating her head with the butt of a shotgun, then left a stone cairn beside her body. He is then shown target practicing with his mother's nightgown tied to a tree by shooting at it, then apathetically joining his family in grieving over Melissa's death. He later repeated the same ritualistic murder with his aunt, Laura Nygard.

When his stepfather "confessed", the BAU realized the DNA on the limestones for the stone cairn matched Jacob and he was the unsub and he was ready to target his half-sister Lizzie. He shoots the social worker looking after the children dead when he tried to force his sister to go for a walk and when the social worker saw him trying to abduct his sister. Jacob held Lizzie at gunpoint while she was tied to a tree, shouting his motives and the blame he held on his family. JJ tried to talk to him about a family's love and distract him long enough for Luke to tackle him and arrest him.

Modus Operandi

Jacob's victims are all female, specifically his family relatives. He killed his mother and aunt by tying them to a tree and beating their heads repeatedly with the butt of a shotgun he somehow got a hold of (likely belonging to his stepfather or another family member) until they were dead. Afterwards, he left stone cairns next to their bodies, evoking his religious paranoia.

Because he learned that Lizzie was his half-sister, Jacob attempted to take her for a walk in a bid to kill her. When the social worker watching over them tried to intervene, he shot her with the shotgun. Later in the woods he attempts to kill her and held her at gunpoint while she was tied up, only to be stopped in time by the BAU.


At the start of the episode, it was assumed that the killings were committed by an adult, with Danny being the likely suspect. It wasn’t until later when the BAU learned that they were dealing with an underage killer when Jacob’s DNA was found on the stones and they learned of his past behavior in a school he once attended.

Known Victims

  • 2018
    • October 22
      • Melissa Wallace (his mother)
    • October 23-24
      • Laura Nygard (Melissa's sister)
    • October 24
      • Unnamed CPS worker (incidental; shot while abducting Lizzie)
      • Lizzie Wallace (his half-sister; abducted, tied to a tree, held at gunpoint, and attempted to kill; was rescued)


  • Wallace is similar to at least two unsubs from the show's past:
    • Season Two
      • Jeffrey Charles ("The Boogeyman") - Both are underaged serial killers who killed three victims, murdered and left their victims in the forests where they died, attempted to kill one last girl, killed through some form of blunt-force trauma, had some form of family-related stressor (Wallace wanted to find out who his family really was, while Charles came to resent other children due to his father paying more attention to them than him), were briefly protected by their fathers falsely confessing, and were both presumably institutionalized due to their young ages after their arrests. Also most of their murders occurred in late October (though Charles killed a victim in August too).
    • Season Eight
      • Sera Morrison ("All That Remains") - Both are killers who were juveniles at the time of their crimes, had some family-related stressor (Sera hated her mother and sister, while Wallace found out that he was conceived out of wedlock), killed two family members (Sera killed her mother and sister, while Wallace killed his mother and aunt) by beating them with the butt of a gun after taking them to a wooded area, and had fathers who were the prime suspects for their murders.
  • At least one of Wallace's main inspirations appears to be a young Norman Bates, the main antagonist of the Psycho franchise. Bates killed his mother and her boyfriend over not being able to stand her infidelity to his father, which partly derived from his own religious mania due to abuse from his mother Norma.