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What's going to happen when the angry white men come to the doors of your children blaming you for the killing of their people? What are you going to do, call the cops? No. You're going to string them up. You're going to put their heads on poles and rape their women. Just like the savage animal you really are. Like the savage animal your father was before they shot him down-

Jackson Gordon Cally, a.k.a. "The Grandfather," is a psychopathic cult leader and proxy killer who appears in the Season One episode of Criminal Minds, "The Tribe".


Cally was born sometime in 1974. He spent most of his childhood moving from foster home to foster home and has an IQ of 189. He spent his life surviving by use of his cunning and winning personality. When he was eighteen, he spent 22 months in prison for auto theft. While there, he found religion and preached to his fellow inmates. At one point, when another inmate threatened him, he convinced his cellmate, a mass murderer, to beat him to death. After his release, Cally studied Native American culture at different universities. He later formed a cult in Terra Mesa, New Mexico, loosely based on Native American beliefs, although his motive was to create a war between Caucasians and Native Americans in a scheme similar to Charles Manson's Helter Skelter plan. Being the leader, he was called "Grandfather" by the members of his cult.

The Tribe[]

Cally has the cult members attack a group of students, killing them using old Native American war rituals. When the attack doesn't create the impact he hoped for, he has them kill the head of an organization (called the American Defense Unit) and his family. When that doesn't work either, he tries to stage an ADU attack on a Native American school by having the cult members steal a collection of firearms and kill all the students and teachers there. Hotch and a local reservation police officer, John Blackwolf, has already brought them to safety and are able to silently knock out three out of six attackers. The fourth attacker is stabbed by Blackwolf, the fifth is shot and killed by Hotch, and the sixth surrenders to them. By the end of the episode, Cally and the remainder of his cult are arrested by local police.


The leader of the cult is a sociopathic underachiever and a highly-intelligent male between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five. He would have had an extremely abusive childhood, would have a record for petty crimes such as drug possession and theft, and would have studied Native American culture, as well as other religions, extensively. Like all cult leaders, he would be able to profile and read people so he could gain their trust and then easily manipulate and brainwash them once he had them in his grasp.

Real-Life Comparison[]

In the episode, Cally and his tribe were compared to Charles Manson and his "family" - Both were racial cults who resided in deserts, stabbed most of their victims to death, and their aim was ultimately to start a race war between Caucasians and an ethnic minority group (blacks in Manson's case, Native Americans in Cally's).

Known Victims[]

All of the following were victims by proxy

  • Unspecified date in 1992 or 1993: Unnamed convict (manipulated another inmate into beating him to death during his imprisonment)
  • 2006:
    • March 5: Five college students (all skinned alive and killed through various Native American rituals):
      • Ingrid Grieson's unnamed boyfriend
      • Four unnamed others
    • March 7: Six killed in the Minton residence massacre. They are:
      • The unnamed police officer watching the family (incidental; slashed his throat)
      • The Minton family (all skinned alive and killed through various Native American rituals)
        • Roy Minton (father)
        • The unnamed mother
        • Three unnamed daughters
    • March 8: The attack at the Native American school:
      • Numerous unnamed teachers and students (intended to shoot)
      • John Blackwolf (attempted; tried to stab him)
      • Aaron Hotchner (attempted; shot at, but missed)


  • Chad Allen (Cally's actor) would go on to portray a homosexual serial killer in an episode of Dexter.