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JC 21

A sawed-off Ted Williams Model 21

The J.C. Higgins Model 21 is a pump-action shotgun.


The 21 is one of several products produced under the brand J.C. Higgins by Sears, Roebuck and Company (more commonly known as Sears). The name was based on real Sears employee John Higgins. The "C" was incorporated due to Higgins not actually having a middle name. Higgins was at one point Sears' vice president before he retired in 1930 and died in 1950. The brand J.C. Higgins was used to name products from 1908-1962. The 21, the Model 20, and the 88 revolver were all made by High Standard Arms. J.C. Higgins was eventually replaced by Ted Williams, named after baseball player Theodore Samuel "Ted" Williams.


  • Cartridge:
    • 12-gauge
    • 16-gauge
    • 20-gauge
  • Action: Pump-action
  • Feed System: 5 shells

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