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An Injustice Collector is a pathology referring to criminals who take and perceive any even slight wrongs done against them, and escalate them into serious events and attempt to 'right' them, almost always through means of murder and violence, not unlike a wound collector.

On Criminal Minds[]

Injustice Collectors featured on Criminal Minds

  • Season Three
    • Owen Savage ("Elephant's Memory") - A spree killer, cop killer, and abductor who began a vendetta against people he felt had wronged and bullied him and his girlfriend Jordan Norris, including both of their fathers.
  • Season Seven
    • Robert Adams ("Painless") - A serial-turned-spree killer, serial bomber, and copycat of Randy Slade who survived his massacre and the only one "brave" enough to look him in the eye without being shot. On the tenth anniversary of the massacre, he began targeting other, more popularized survivors as a means to get attention when his act of bravery during the massacre went unnoticed, thus enraging him.
    • Chris Shelton ("Self-Fulfilling Prophecy") - A killer who murdered the five boys who bullied his son and causing him to commit suicide.
  • Season Nine
    • Ronald James Underwood ("Bully") - A serial-turned-spree killer, stalker, and one-time abductor who targeted the bullies and irresponsible adults whose actions contributed to the suicide of a friend of his during high school.
    • Sheila Harrison ("What Happens in Mecklinburg") - A budding serial killer, stalker, and abductor who hoped to avenge the rape and death of her sister, killed one of the men responsible and tortured the rest.
  • Season Twelve
    • Daniel Cullen ("The Crimson King") - A serial killer and abductor who Reid mentioned was an Injustice Collector, though why is never elaborated on.
    • Kyle Ecklund ("The Anti-Terrorism Squad") - A serial killer, family annihilator, stalker, and mass abductor who slayed the families of students at his high school who bullied him, leaving the actual tormentors alive to traumatize them.
  • Season Thirteen
    • Justin Franco ("Annihilator") - A serial killer and one-time mass murderer who killed five people who he believed were in the way of his perceived relationship with Corrine Jordan.
  • Season Fourteen
    • Wayne Hollis ("Hamelin") - A killer and abductor who abducted the children of parents he believed were responsible for spreading rumors about him being a pedophile, which led to him losing his job and his son taking his own life.