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"In the Dark" is the seventeenth episode of Season Twelve and the 272nd overall of Criminal Minds.


While investigating a series of murders taking place both day and night in Burlington, Vermont, the BAU comes to believe it is the work of two serial killers with drastically different M.O.s who are operating simultaneously. Also, the team worries about Reid's safety in prison.

Guest Cast[]

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Bookend Quotes[]

  • Jennifer Jareau: "Life, of course, never gets anyone's entire attention. Death always remains interesting, holds us, draws us." – Janet Malcolm
  • Tara Lewis: "How blessed are some people whose lives have no fears, no dreads, to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly and brings nothing but sweet dreams." – Bram Stoker


  • "In the dark" is an idiom that refers to being in a state of ignorance about something.
  • This is the sixth of nine episodes to deal with two separate cases.
  • Gary Kasper, the actor portraying Samuel Gordon, previously appeared in the Season Six episode "Supply and Demand", in which he portrayed The Cleaner.
  • A number of characters featured in the episode were named after members of the rock bands Phish (whose birthplace was also Burlington, Vermont) and Grateful Dead.[2]


  1. Stephen mentions instances of serial killers active at the same time in Los Angeles, but he does not elaborate any further, with Franklin being the most likely candidate. This applies to the below six killers.

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