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The Hitman Network (so named by this wikia, unnamed in reality) was a network of hitmen that appeared in Season Eleven of Criminal Minds.


Absolutely nothing is currently known about the network, other than it had five members, appeared to have a strong online presence, and had a large number of clients, some of them from high-end positions and communities. It has been said to have cropped up in 2013, following the downfall of the darknet Silk Road organization at the hands of the FBI. At some point after its founding, the group abducted a computer-savvy teenager named Barry Winslow and had him set up their network.

Season Eleven[]

The Job[]

The network makes its first appearance with a member named Giuseppe Montolo, who went on a string of independent killings across the U.S. in search of the client who ordered his unsuccessful hit. During its investigation, the BAU realize that Montolo is part of a larger network of hitmen working together. After Montolo is taken into custody, Morgan visits him at the hospital and warns him that they will find the rest of his team. Montolo gives Morgan the information of his next targets, dubbed "The Dirty Dozen". Afterwards, he pulls out his stitches to tell the agent that he will never stop them.

Target Rich[]

At the beginning of the episode, Morgan visits Montolo in ADX Florence to interrogate him. Montolo begins to talk, but as he does, he coughs heavily. He tells Morgan that there are four other hitmen in the network besides him, and "The Dirty Dozen" is not a person, but an object. When Morgan wants to learn more, Montolo coughs again, this time coughing out blood. Morgan calls for a medic, but when he does, Montolo dies. It is revealed that Montolo was poisoned by a prison guard, who was later found dead from a gunshot wound. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that "The Dirty Dozen" is Garcia, as she investigated them in the deep web during Montolo's case and is subsequently perceived as a threat by the network. As a result, Garcia is relocated to an old office in the BAU headquarters in Quantico.

Internal Affairs[]

When the Libertad Cartel begins targeting undercover DEA agents trying to undermine its organization, NSA Director Brian Cochran, the cartel's leader, orders the hit of Assistant DEA Director Bernard Graff, which is carried out by a member of the network named Zac Rubenis. Afterwards, Cochran is arrested and Hotch retrieves the flash-drive containing the access codes to the Libertad Cartel servers.


In addition to the access codes, the flash-drive gives the BAU the information on members of the hitmen. They conduct a raid at a safe-house owned by the network, during which Rubenis and another member named Barry Plyman are killed, while Barry Winslow is rescued. With Winslow's help, the team finds another member of network, Cat Adams. Reid goes undercover to meet her, but the BAU walk right into a trap she set up with the other remaining member of the team, Sharon Mayford. Cat holds Reid hostage while Mayford plants bombs capable of blowing up the whole city block and killing thousands. However, Morgan and Lewis are able to subdue Mayford and disarm the explosives. Afterwards, they are able to prevent Cat from killing Reid by saying that her father (who she had been tracking down in an effort to kill him) is outside. They escort her into an armored van and handcuff her as she realizes she had been tricked.


Known Clients[]

Known Victims[]

  • Killed numerous unnamed victims prior to The Job
  • Unspecified date and location in the U.S.: Barry Winslow (abducted and held captive; was rescued in 2016)
  • Unspecified dates and locations:
    • One or two unnamed men (hired by an unnamed client; shot by Zac Rubenis)
    • Unnamed lawyer (hired by an unnamed client; fatally poisoned by Barry Plyman)
  • Unspecified dates from 2012 to 2015:
    • Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.: Unnamed drug dealer (hired by Betty Wilson to kill him; killed by Giuseppe Montolo through unknown causes)
    • Unspecified location in Maryland, U.S.: Unnamed woman (Al Eisenmund's fiancée; hired by him to kill her; killed by Giuseppe Montolo through unknown causes)
    • Unspecified locations in the U.S.: Two unnamed people (hired by Ted Osborn and William Forrest to kill them in separate hits; both killed by Giuseppe Montolo through unknown causes)
  • 2015:
    • July 28, unspecified location in the U.S.: Unnamed man (Brian Taylor's father; hired by him to kill him; killed by Giuseppe Montolo through unknown causes)
    • August 13, Tianjin, China: The container storage station chemical explosions (hired by Brian Cochran; committed by Sharon Mayford):
      • The following were killed:
        • Unnamed bureaucrat (target victim)
        • 172 unnamed people
        • Eight unnamed people (possibly)
      • 797 unnamed people (all injured)
    • November 10, Florence, Colorado, U.S.:
      • Giuseppe Montolo (member; fatally poisoned by a guard hired by Zac Rubenis)
      • Unnamed prison guard (Montolo's killer; shot by Zac Rubenis)
    • December 3, El Paso, Texas, U.S.: Bernard Graff (hired by Brian Cochran to kill him; shot by Zac Rubenis)
  • January 13, 2016, Washington, D.C., U.S.: The Harry & Glenn's Grill and Bar standoff committed by Cat Adams and Sharon Mayford:


  • Promotional materials for Season Eleven, all released prior to the airing of "The Job", called the network "The Dirty Dozen". However, it was clarified in the same episode that the moniker was referring to their next target and not the organization itself. In spite of this, following promotional materials, including episode summaries, continued to refer to the network as such.



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